Never You Beg For Love, Read And Be Wise

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Dear men,

DO NOT EVER BEG a woman for relationship.

A man that EXCESSIVELY begs a woman for relationship LACKS self-esteem,and a woman whose self worth hinges on how LONG a man “chases” her before catching her is NAIVE.

Two mature individuals that know what they truly want DO NOT waste time playing cat and mouse game,when you as a man approach a woman for a relationship, you should expect these possible answers:



Let me think about it.

If she says no, then move on to the next available lady or stick around to foster the friendship.

Sometimes, a woman says NO simply because she doesn’t know you enough to accept your proposal at the moment. If you choose to stick around, DON’T BEG HER but rather, show her your authentic self. She might later fall for you as she learns and understands you better. Don’t degrade yourself by stooping low to BEG as if you aren’t worth the time.

If she says she will think about it, then give her a week or two to decide. A mature woman should be able to find the qualities she seeks in a man or lack thereof within such time frame.


Your value or worth isn’t measured by how long you waited till you accepted a man’s proposal. A man can chase you till eternity, then use and dumb you once he catches you.

If a man judges you for accepting his proposal too fast then he is a SILLY BOY who is still playing SILLY GAMES. He is NOT a man.


Be deliberate and prudent with your choice. In other words, shine your eyes well then forge ahead.


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