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2021 Sidoo Family Giving, Scholarship Winner Announced

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VANCOVER, BC, NOVEMBER 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Emerson Power is the 2021 recipient of the Sidoo Family Giving Scholarship. Power, a footballer outside of Supra Academy in New Westminster, British Columbia, beat the competition by showing talent on the field and determination to reach his highest level. With the scholarship, Bauer and his team will have the opportunity to compete against the best in the world to test their place.

For over 15 years, the Sidoo family has helped many young athletes in various ways to provide them with good opportunities. In the increasingly competitive world of youth athletics, it takes money to travel and play the best competition around. This means not only competition within Canada but outside the country in special circumstances.

David Sidoo, founder of Sidoo Family Giving, met his wife Manji Sidoo while at school at the university. Their two sons, Jordan Seydoux and Dylan Seydoux, also spent significant time in the area. David comes from humble beginnings, and he understands that he wouldn’t be where he is today without support along the way. His success as a businessman and philanthropist would not be possible without first achieving success in sports at youth, university and professional levels.

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Sports are a huge part of the entire Sidoo family. David Seydoux won the U Sports Championship in 1982. He wasn’t initially playing football at a young age but rose to the sport with some encouragement from coaches, family and the community. This led to success in college and the Canadian Football League, where he played five seasons as the first-ever Canadian Indian player with the Saskatchewan Rogers.

Away from the courts, Sidoo credits sports as an activity that helped him transform into a successful soccer player, businessman, and former philanthropist. Many of the lessons he learns from sports apply to the real world. He also connected with business leaders during his playing days, which resulted in an easy transition into life after football.

Both David and Manji’s sons (Dylan Seydoux and Jordan Seydoux) carried a desire to participate in sports, and reached highly competitive levels as amateurs. Without the support of family and society during their formative years, they would have failed to reach their full potential. Everyone gets help at some point in their lives, and Sidoo Family Giving hopes that Bauer and each future winner can make the most of the scholarship opportunity.

David and Jordan Seydoux were on hand to offer the Power Scholarship for the Seydoux Family Scholarship 2021. Power is excited to see what competition his team will face in the UK, and what opportunities may open next as his football career progresses. It could be a turning point in his career, as he rises through the ranks.

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For more information on Sidoo Family Giving, visit the official website at sidoofamilygiving.com. This is where you can find the latest news to stay up to date with all the new initiatives put in place by the charity.

About Sidoo Family Giving

Sidoo Family Giving was first established to assist many local endeavours in the lower mainland region. Support can go a long way in allowing young talent to thrive in ways they would never have imagined before. The opportunity to reach goals sometimes encounters financial hurdles beyond a child’s control, which is where Sidoo Family Giving comes in, and why David and Manjy Sidoo started the organization.

Founded in 2006, there is a huge focus on empowering youth through sports and supporting the arts. Community support is also shown all the time, with money being pumped back into an area important to the Sidoo family. Even when the family moves to other parts of the world, a strong community back home is important. Sidoo Family Giving also focuses on elementary school breakfast programs, giving elementary school children who don’t have enough money the resources they need to eat.

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