A Disease More Dangerous Than HIV- HERPES

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This is a serious contagious incurable infection that can last long term on humans, emphasis on STI’s are always gonorrhea and syphilis, but, this is quite common as well, especially in women, anyone can contract this infection regardless of their age.

Well, we have two types of herpes. The first is HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus) which can be contracted by kissing ,oral sex and also by general interactions such as sharing of utensils or lip balm with an infected person.

While the second,HSV-2 is contracted through sexual contact especially with those having multiple sex partners, having sex at younger age, more risk if being a female, or If you have weak immune system.


One major thing, is that it is incurable ,no cure it can only be managed where the symptoms subsides but will always  be present in the cells. Probably, when you want to have sex with someone, you are going to pass it to the person and of course condoms don’t eliminate the risk of herpes transmission.

So, be careful around people and if you have multiple partners you need to check yourself, no be joke oooo. if you notice people with blisters avoid using utensils, lip balm and the likes.   Said earlier, kissing a lot causes herpes as well. If you are pregnant it is possible to also pass it to the unborn child.

For female, If you noticed any symptoms aforementioned earlier, contact Obstetrician or Gynecologist and male shouldn’t be timid to disclosed it to medical practioner.

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