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ALLISON INTERVIEWS Podcast: Dame Dash Talks Astroworld, Diddy, Weed, Therapy | WATCH

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* In this selective interview with entertainment journalist and ALLISON INTERVIEWS podcast Host Alison Paul Damon Dash He shares his unfiltered thoughts about the cause of his late mother’s premature death, his sex life with partner Raquel “Rocky” Horn, and the plant-based lifestyle, proposed by his fiancée Rocky, The Tragedy of Astroworld, who lives with PTSD, being a self-proclaimed self and making staff They attend weekly therapy for their mental health.

Here are excerpts from columnist Alison Coogle’s latest podcast episode, published internationally, featuring Damon Dash. The interview is available for republishing in its entirety, or in select quotable excerpts.

On triggering the Astroworld tragedy:
“These things happen. It happened with Puff’s stampede at a 1991 City College basketball game. I was there and seven people died. They choked. I saw it happen. I actually lost friends in situations like this. I hope it wasn’t intentional. I feel sorry, It’s a tragedy and a terrible thing. I don’t know the boy of the house (Travis Scott), but these things happened, yeah, and I was part of those kinds of tragedies. I’ve seen how it feels to see people getting sucked into the confusion and the chaos that goes with it so I really know what it feels like to be in that position, but at the Puff event, I was in the stands and got in early, but they were all stuck in the stairs and shit. I lost my friend from school. Her name was Dawn and she died in that basketball game.

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“That’s why you have to be conscientious about things. I wouldn’t have brought my kids to this festival, which is something I wouldn’t do. So when I hear about children dying, I think, ‘Why was there a nine-year-old in the first place?’ I don’t have any.” Nothing but sympathy, but at the end of the day, please don’t take your young children, during Covid, to a concert where there’s a group of adults you know are going to be high. I’m telling you what happened 30 years ago still stuck with me whether I’m affected or not. I’m touched I’ve lost people and I’ve seen people lose their lives Please don’t take your kids to a concert or festival unless it’s for the kids If you know there will be drugs, don’t take them When my daughter says she wants to go to a music festival, the answer is It’s ‘no’ now. And if it’s during Covid, don’t go.”

On bad food and poor conditions in urban black areas:
“I think it’s great for the enemy to use that as a war and how long it affects us as blacks. Now that we realize that, we should just break the program. They know how to keep us in a sad place, they keep us unhealthy, they keep us arguing with each other, they keep us struggling, they keep us hating.” each other. They actually make us eat to escape the life we ​​hate. That’s what we eat when we go out of church while we worship their God. It’s usually the worst food in church, isn’t it? So, they give us this food to eat after they give us this debt; and that’s why Most people are depressed. I just think it’s a grand scheme. Unless we’re happy because we’re unhappy, why don’t we change it? The only way to change something is to do it differently. You have to make a change to He is A change. So, what is the change? If you want your circumstances to be different, you have to do it differently. So what is your different face? Would you eat differently? Change your way of thinking? Will you like different? Would you love yourself differently? must be Different to get a different result.

Damon Dash

On food deserts, bodegas, and inexpensive fast food in many colorful neighborhoods:

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Growing up, there was always the grocery store, but what was most readily available was that quick little fix. I’ve always eaten bodegas. That’s my point, I’d go to bodegas instead of going to the grocery store, because instead of spending ten bucks, I could Spend $1. I’ll end up buying potato chips and buying what I can get for that dollar. They’re short, unhealthy fixes, but they’ll make you spend the day, every day, all day, for a lot of people their whole life.”

On his fiancee Rocky proposes to for him with a loop:

Raquel “Rocky” Horn: At some point, after covid is over, we’ll get married. I want to show you the engagement ring you gave Damon. I gave Damon an engagement ring I wanted to give him. Damon’s birthstone is emerald, and I’ve loved emerald since I was a little kid, so it was something really special, and I got it for my engagement ring. I thought, “Why do girls always get an engagement ring?” So I also got him an engagement ring and he loves it. I didn’t get down on one knee. I just surprised him with jewelry.

long dash: loved it. It was nice. You have already accepted my engagement. We’ve asked each other to marry each other many times, but that’s my tax problems. We’re almost done. We have a child and we are in love. It just goes without saying. We want to get married, but I just have to get my taxes right, and we probably would already be married if it wasn’t for covid. She tried to marry many times in Vegas, but Rocky said her mother would kill her. We are very aTraditional people, but with traditional sensibilities.”

Regarding PTSD and treatment:
“I still own a [PTSD]. I have a lot of things. That’s why I’m talking to a therapist. I have a show on my network called Healing is gangsta. I went through a lot of trauma that I had to deal with. Being from this culture is painful. Being a woman in this culture should be doubly painful. People think this is normal and it is not. You cannot allow your nature to be unhappy and uncomfortable. I had an experiment a week ago and thought, “Let me just see how I feel if I absorb what’s bothering me for a few days.” I freaked out and thought, “I won’t do that again.” For me, if I’m upset, I want answers now. I don’t ingest anything, because it causes cancer. If we have pressure to ingest, it will make us sick on the inside. If I had to keep everything I feel, I would be miserable.”

Why smoke weed every day:
“I really believe cannabis is healthy and hemp. I’m a part of the Anunnaki and I know that the Anunnaki brought herbs to this planet and beer. No, I’m a quarry. I have more patience when I smoke. I get busy easily. Because I think the rest of the world is stupid. They are slow and I don’t have Time because not many people are cut from the same cloth as me and I repeat to understand it. I can’t judge people because they are not sophisticated, I just have to stay away from them..”

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“I think I’m more self-aware. I don’t know why but I’ve had a high level of self-worth awareness since the day I was born. So, I know I come from a royal lineage and I just know that I’m meant to be a king and be treated like a king”

He offers therapy to his staff/creative team:
“When I care about people, I need to make sure they are all OK, otherwise I won’t be OK. I’ve always had a therapist come in to see the people I work with, because I do different things and I have to make sure they all understand that. My style is different, and no They should be offended when someone gives them some kind of constructive criticism. If you’ve never done it this way before, sometimes anxiety comes from the unknown. Getting people to do things they haven’t done before is very scary for people. I always make sure there are therapists on board “.

On his biggest problem with most people:

My problem with people is that they don’t dream. They don’t imagine what they want their life to look like, specifically, they let life come to them, and they’re in a nightmare and that’s because you’re living in someone else’s dream.”

Alison interviewsAbout entertainment journalist Alison Coogle
Alison Coogle is an entertainment and pop culture columnist and author of the book, Fame Journal: Memoirs of a Mixed and Recorded Life. So far, I’ve interviewed over 300 newsmakers from film, television, music, world events, and popular culture. Follow her on Instagram @theallisonkugel and AllisonInterviews.com. Watch ALLISON INTERVIEWS podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

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