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Applications Open for NCAR’s SIParCS 2022 HPC Summer Internship Program

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BOULDER, CO, December 15, 2021 – Applications are now open for the Parallel Computational Science Summer Internship Program (SIParCS) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. The program is an 11-week summer internship opportunity for university students interested in the following careers:

  • Application optimization
  • data science
  • machine learning
  • numerical methods
  • Software Engineering
  • Supercomputing systems operations
  • visualization

The internship program allows students to gain experience in the Computing and Informatics Systems Laboratory, “an organization within NCAR tasked with providing supercomputing systems and data to the Earth science research community,” according to the SIParCS homepage. Students will have access to mentors in their chosen field and will work on technical projects related to their skill set and career goals.

Technical Projects for 2022 SIParCS:

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Undergraduate art projects

  • Project 1. Expanding GeoCAT’s Visualization Capabilities
  • Project 2. Forecasting the COVID-19 pandemic and the immune system response to the virus using group data aggregation
  • Project 3. Measuring GPU power usage
  • Project 4. Updating the CISL Photo Gallery Website
  • Project 5. Parallel Algorithms for Recognition of Spatial Patterns for Climate Analysis
  • Project 6. Evaluation of a physics-oriented machine learning algorithm
  • Project 7. Pythia Content Development Project
  • Project 8. Python data visualization and analysis and development of Jupyter notebook for unstructured network data
  • Project 9. Python reimplementation of Fortran subroutines for use on supercomputers
  • Project 10. Using Binder as a fast and scalable learning platform

Undergraduates and alumni

  • Project 11. Applying Research Techniques to Discovering and Exploring Scientific Data (2 jobs)

Graduation Projects

  • Project 12. Development of an interpolation algorithm for a knowledge-based Python weather station
  • Project 13. Exploring the performance of GeoCAT data analysis procedures on GPUs
  • Project 14. Future Shock: Speed ​​and Scalability in Data Intake
  • Project 15. Incorporating a Lidar Sensor into a Low Cost Weather Station
  • Project 16. Leveraging Xarray for Reproducible and Scalable Analysis of Remote Sensing Data in the Cloud
  • Project 17. Pi-WRF Community Led Modules and Classroom Activities Development
  • Project 18. Using containers and packages to simplify portability and reproduction of scientific applications

A comprehensive list of projects of interest and descriptions, skills and qualifications recommended for each project can be found here.

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Initial dates for the internship are 16 May to 29 July 2022. Eligible applicants must be available 40 hours per week. Participants will give a final presentation of their research at the end of the programme.

The main objective of the program is to increase the diversity and quality of those working in the field of high performance computing. When he founded SIParCS in 2007, Richard Luft, founder and program director, saw the need to bridge the gap between the demand for HPC professionals and the small number of people coming into the field.

“I thought it would be good for students to have real projects that include real, state-of-the-art research activities,” he said in a promotional video for the program.

A detailed list of application requirements and guidelines can be found here.

Source: Computer and Information Systems Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research

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