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Betty White’s revealing final interview before death, aged 99

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Betty White, beloved actress and comedian gave a revealing interview about her centenary and her secrets to a long life just weeks before her death.

Leading TV star Betty White gave a revealing interview about her turning 100 and her life long secrets just weeks before her death.

White’s agent and close friend, Jeff Whitgas, confirmed Friday morning local time that the 99-year-old had passed away, just before her historic birthday on January 17.

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He said, “I will miss her very much as well as the animal world, which she loved so much.” People in the current situation.

“I don’t think Betty was ever afraid of death because she had always wanted to be with her beloved husband, Elaine Lowden. She thought she would be with him again.”

Semi-perennial and star The Mary Tyler Moore Show And golden girls She was a fixture on television for decades, and became a cultural icon in her ’80s and ’90s.

Talking to People In an interview published on December 28, White said she felt “very lucky to be so healthy and so comfortable at this age.”

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“It’s amazing,” added the veteran actor.

White said she was “born an arrogant optimist,” describing it as the key to her optimistic nature and happy life.

“I got it from my mom,” she said, “and that never changes.” “I always find the positive.”

Wyatt echoed the same sentiments in the lead up to her 95th birthday in 2018 procession The key to happiness is simply “enjoying life”.

“Highlight the positive, not the negative. It sounds so cliched, but a lot of people choose something to complain about, rather than just saying, ‘Hey, that was great!”

“It’s not hard to find great things if you look.”

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As for her good health secrets, White joked People: “I try to avoid anything green. I think it works.”

White’s former classmates — including Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, and Mary Steenburgen — have also opened up about People About working with the legend.

“Timing isn’t easy in comedy, because you have to navigate other people’s timings. Betty pivots I’ve never seen, which makes it seem smooth. The rest of us just keep quiet and pray we don’t get out of the scene,” Bullock, who starred in Suggestion or offer Along with White, he said.

She added that she hoped Wyatt’s 100th birthday would be spent “in the same way she has celebrated every day of her life with humor, kindness and vodka on ice, and toasting the fact that she’s a badass that has left us all in the dust.”

“Betty lives a happy life. She always thinks of others first, and stays positive no matter what,” Whitgas said. People.

Reynolds, who said he’s been a fan of White “for as long as I can remember,” said, “I’ve heard that the scripts golden girls It was only 35 pages long, which makes sense because a lot of laughs come from my house simply looking at her mates.”

Reply to the news of her death TwitterReynolds praised the star.

“The world looks different now. She was great at defying expectations. She managed to get too old and somehow not old enough. We will miss you Betty. Now you know the secret,” he wrote.

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White, perhaps best known for her character in The Mary Tyler Moore Show And of course her photography of Rose Nylund golden girlsShe became a popular character on talk shows and games in the twilight years.

“Betty White has over the past 30 years transformed herself into a piece of performance art,” said Robert Thompson, professor of television at Syracuse University. New York Post.

“If Betty White is scheduled, you know she’s going to have some fun. The older she gets, the more candid TV holds, she gets really known (because) you never know what’s going to come out of her mouth.”

In 2010, she became the greatest host person ever Saturday Night Live, aged 88, and the performance earned her a seventh Emmy Award.


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