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BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital launches Clinicians-In-Training

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This postgraduate training program seeks to improve the mental health of veterinary professionals by informing them of wellness early in their careers.

BluePearl Specialty Hospital and Emergency Hospital for Pets have launched their flagship health and wellness training program known as Clinians-In-Training. These health and wellness programs provide trainees, residents, and emergency physicians registered with BluePearl’s House Officer, courses in emERge programs with a veterinary social worker or wellness educator, and access to mental health and wellness tools.

According to the company’s release, BluePearl trains approximately 200 interns, specialty interns, residents, and ER physicians through its Home Employee and EMERge Mentorship Programs annually and strives to enhance its postgraduate training programs. Comprised of 10 highly skilled veterinary social workers and Sonja Olson, DVM, Wellness Educator, BluePearl Health and Welfare team, the Physicians-in-Training developed after receiving feedback from trainees revealing the need to prioritize the intern, resident, and emergency physician.

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“It is well documented that the veterinary suicide rate is much higher than in the general population. Andrea Monnage, DVM, DACVECC, Director of Clinical Development at BluePearl said.

“We want these young doctors to be able to manage these stressors and set boundaries that will lead to long-term professional and personal satisfaction. We know this profession needs to push the reset button in terms of wellness, and we hope this program is the start of something big. “.

Through the use of trainee clinicians, interns, residents and emerging clinicians will have the resources and skills to overcome personal and professional challenges. The program will cover wellness topics including managing expectations, impostor syndrome, moral distress, setting boundaries, and empathy fatigue, according to the statement.

Furthermore, the health and wellness team will familiarize residents and trainees with mental health and wellness tools within the organization and help connect them with a local mental health professional as needed. A range of training and support will also be provided to program managers, mentors and hospital leadership.

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Fresh graduates often struggle with the transition from student to doctor. Imposter syndrome can be rampant, communication can be difficult, and they often find themselves in emotionally volatile situations. All of this can take a toll on young clinicians, said Lori C. Harbert, MSW, LCSW, director of health and wellbeing at BluePearl.

We hope that this program will provide young clinicians with a toolkit of skills to help them balance the demands of the profession. We want to make sure that they learn self-care behaviors early on, so that they become habits that guide them through their personal and professional lives. We want them to know that they are important and valuable. If at any point they are struggling, there are those who support them. If this program can save one life, it is worth it.”

In addition, the Health and Wellbeing team has established health activities inside and outside the hospital with the goal of creating a work-life balance, empowering interns, residents and emergency physicians to train from the union as a group and influencing the culture’s internal practices for long-term impact.


BluePearl Specialty Hospital and Emergency Hospital for Pets are launching a new Postgraduate Wellness Training Program, Physicians in Training. New release. BluePearl Specialty Hospital and Emergency Hospital for Pets. December 30, 2021. Accessed January 3, 2021.

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