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Candace Owens Fat-Shames Meghan McCain, Deflects Trump Interview Criticism

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aAfter being widely derided for her repeated and failed attempts to persuade former President Donald Trump to agree to her stand against the COVID-19 vaccine, Candice Owens She reached for the lowest hanging fruit ever and attacked Megan McCain about her weight and being ‘obese’.

It was a perversion tactic that even Trump could be proud of; That is, if he did not come from the proudly unvaccinated Owens, with whom the former racist president did not openly agree on the anti-vaccination rhetoric she had been throwing for some time now and amplified during their conversation.

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In the interview, undoubtedly published by some far-right sources who are also likely to be against race theory and pro-gun criticism, Owens can be seen desperately trying to get Trump to say something negative about the vaccine, the vaccine mandate, and even China. Amazingly – and to Owens’s dismay – Trump refused to take the bait.

This part of the interview caused Owens’ name to be among the most trending topics on social media on Thursday and Friday, a good time I started exchanging hateful tweets with McCain, also a very conservative ultra-conservative. The two have a history as McCain disagrees with Owens in discrediting the vaccine.

That should be why McCain tweeted Thursday, “Trump teaching Candice Owens the facts and logic regarding getting the vaccine is truly a sight worth watching.”

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Owens, in her sentimentality and nursing her bruised ego, blasted hours later by delivering a direct blow to McCain’s weight.

“Hi Megan – did you know that the vast majority of people who die and/or are hospitalized from Covid-19 are obese?” Owens quoted McCain on Twitter Thursday night. “People like you love the vaccine because it allows you to pretend you care about health. People like me see through this bullshit.”

After Owens accused McCain of “slipping into sheer indifference” — a cynical claim coming from someone who has been denounced by Trump, a man she worships and sets the tone for the broader Republican Party and conservative movement — McCain rejoiced that Owens’ hero [Trump] Check them out.”

McCain peppered that tweet in no uncertain terms.

You are spreading misinformation about the safety of vaccines. McCain wrote: You are a public health hazard. “Get the sex.”

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the two It has a controversial history centered around vaccines dating back to September when McCain — a former host of the popular TV talk show “The View” — had some pick words for “conservative charlatans” she said shamed her for “getting the vaccine and trusting doctors.” She referred to it as “mad malice” and called it “really the pinnacle of all the bullshit I can stand”.

Owens, apparently matches the term “Conservative charlatans,” She couldn’t help herself responding to McCain’s tweet.

“I still can’t figure out why Tweet embed Owens responded on Twitter, adding that McCain became famous because of her father, the late US Senator John McCain. “Why can’t people talk about bad reactions to a vaccine?” Owens asked disingenuously.

McCain replied, “Anyone who asks why I’m ‘relevant’–because none of you can apparently hide my name from your mouth.”

This week is far from the first time Owens has attacked someone who criticizes anti-vaccination by suggesting that being “too overweight” deprives these people of an informed opinion about vaccinations.

Owens tweeted in October without referring to anyone in particular: “If you’re significantly overweight – please don’t think you have the authority to yell at well-fitted and vulnerable people about trusting doctors and science and dying can prevention.” “A little self-awareness goes a long way.”

Keep in mind that Owens is the same person who claimed that HPV – the most common sexually transmitted infection – is not contagious.

But there’s also the fact that comorbidities like obesity have been identified as actually increasing the risk and severity of COVID-19, something that can easily force people who don’t conform to society’s unrealistic standards of so-called beauty and weight. Voluntary vaccination.

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Beyond that, where is Candice Owens’ moral “authority” that she claims is missing from overweight vaccine proponents? How did you ever get on earth? Mounting evidence suggests she didn’t have any in the first place.

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