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China MBBS graduates losing hope after being denied internship

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Despite constant protests by students, the government continues to refuse training opportunities for more than 150 Nepalese MBBS students from various Chinese universities.

As many as 153 students who completed their theoretical courses from various Chinese universities were unable to complete their studies because the northern neighbor was not allowed to return to the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Students returned home in early 2020 following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. They completed their theoretical education online and the respective universities have already issued certificates.

However, they did not obtain their MBBS degree due to lack of training experience. A MBBS student needs a year of training after five years of study. Students registered in 2015 and 2016 have suffered because China does not allow them to return while the Government of Nepal is not willing to allow them training opportunities here.

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With no prospect of China allowing them to return to their universities anytime soon, students have been in constant protest demanding that they be allowed to train in Nepalese hospitals. However, a meeting chaired by Education Minister Devendra Poodle on Friday decided to take diplomatic initiatives to ensure they get to complete their studies [internship] from their universities.

“The meeting decided to use diplomatic channels to ensure that students continue their studies in their universities,” the statement issued by the ministry said. However, the students say the government’s decision is meaningless as the Chinese government will not allow them to return anytime soon.

“We are in constant contact with the university authority. They said our entry is uncertain,” a student from Dali University in Yunnan Province, who completed five years of study in June, told The Post. “The government, despite knowing that China would not let us in, made the decision.”

Nepal was, until 2007, allowing Nepalese MBBS graduates from foreign countries to train in Nepal. However, the Nepal Medical Council banned the practice in May of that year. The council said that students who have not completed their training in the countries where they studied, will not be allowed to apply for a medical practice license in Nepal.

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Board license is a must for medical practice in Nepal. The Medical Education Commission in October invited applications from all students, saying they would be allowed to train in Nepal. However, only students who took a one-year Chinese language course plus five years of study were given internship opportunities.

China was the preferred destination for Nepalese students to study medicine until the government decided to ban Nepalese students studying abroad from doing internships in Nepal. Now, most of the students travel to Bangladesh for MBBS studies.

The educational consultancy that made it easier for students to enter Chinese universities says that most universities have included Chinese in the five-year course where the language is taught along with the core course. “There is no additional one-year language course at most universities,” said Milan Gyawali, managing director of Speed ​​International Education Consultancy. “Students get language study certificates but the government of Nepal does not accept such certificates.”

The students say the council officials are asking them to study in medical colleges in Nepal for a year if they want to train in Nepal. We have already paid for the five-year study. “We can’t afford to pay an extra year,” the student said, claiming that council officials warned him to abandon the protests and not speak to the media. We are forced to wait for the Chinese government to open its borders or to study in Nepal.

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