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Couples Who Have Stayed Together Out Of The Spotlight

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Although many 90 days fiance Couples remained constant on different 90 days fiance Occasional offers, this is not true for all franchise pairs. Right now, there are a whopping 19 spin-offs. It is very common for the couples who participated in the main series to also appear in popular sub-shows, from 90 Days Fate: Pillow Talk to 90 Days Fiancé: Happy Forever?

In addition to starring in the countless spin-offs of the franchise, a lot of show couples use their newfound fame to become social media influencers. some 90 days fiance Couples leverage their ‘New School’ media followings to build brand partnerships, sell products, or make money on platforms like Cameo or OnlyFans. These are the couples that are hard to forget because they’re still in the spotlight, long after their original seasons are over.

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However, not everything 90 days fiance The pairs have been starring in spin-offs, some of which don’t make it big on social media. There are many couples who have put themselves on the low side since their clips on shows that are still going strong as the duo. Read on to find out who they are and what they’ve been up to since they filmed their seasons.

Kirlim and Alan Cox

Alan Kirlyam Cox Season 1 The kids got married together in a 90 day fiancé

Viewers met Alan and Kirliam Cox 90 days fiance Season 1. Alan and Kirliam get to know when Mormon man Alan visits Kerlim’s Brazilian hometown while doing missionary work. Kirlyam was only 11 years old at the time, and their romance only began a decade later when they reconnected at the age of 21 (Kirlyam) and 29 (Alan). couple back 90 Days Fiancé: What Now? and the episodic era of COVID-19, 90 Days Fiancé: Self-Isolate. They also starred in the game show, 90 day preacher: Love Games, although this offer was not very successful. Alan and Kirliam use their social media occasionally to document life with their two children, Liam and Enzo Cox.

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Lewis and Aya Gatun

Louis Roy Gatton and Aya Gatton

Lewis and Aya Gatton met on an international dating site. Louis, a father of two, proposed to Aya from the Philippines after they spent one week together. Seven years after their appearance in 90 days fiance Season 1, the two are still happily married. The couple shares two children together, so now they are in a family of six. Regardless of their initial 90 days fiance In appearance, the couple has not appeared in any spin-offs of the franchise, and Aya keeps her social media private.

Mike and Aziza Choi

Aziza Staring At The Smiling Mike At 90 Day Fiance

Another successful couple from 90 days fiance Season one, Mike and Aziza Al-Shuai met online in 2013. Fans were skeptical at first since the Russian woman asked Mike not to sleep next to her after she arrived in the States, however, the two are still happily married and have a daughter named Olivia Elushuay. Aziza’s Instagram account chronicles her family’s adventures. The couple did not participate in any accidental performances.

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Brett Otto and Daya d’Ars

Brett Otto and Daya d'Arce: fiancé for 90 days

Brett Otto and Daya d’Arce had a difficult start in 90 days fiance Season 2, in which the Filipino woman suspects Britt of giving her a fake engagement ring. The ring turned out to be real, and the two tied the knot. In 2017, they had a daughter, Isabella de Ars. Brit and Daya are inactive On social media, but they appeared in 90 Days Fiancé: Self-Isolate Beside 90 Days Fiancé: Love Games.

Justin and Evelyn Hallas

Justin and Evelyn: fiancé for 90 days
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Justin and Evelyn Halas met in perhaps one of the strangest ways 90 days fiance Date. The duo were first introduced to season two when Justin was a California man visiting Evelyn’s home country of Columbia. While at the 2013 World Games, the two of them were ordering food from the same sausage stand and had a conversation. The couple had a baby, Nathan, in late 2020. They have never been into any spin-offs, but Evelyn is fairly active on Instagram, sharing vegan tips and photos of their son.

Matt Ryan and Alla Fedorock

Died and Ala Khatib 90 days

Fan favorites Matt Ryan and Alla Fedorok tie the knot 90 days fiance Season 4: The Kentucky man and the Ukrainian woman met online long before their season, but ended up marrying other people. They eventually broke up, reconnected, and then had a beautiful wedding at the end of Season 4. The couple is now expecting their second child together. Alla came to the United States with her son Max, so they will soon be a family of five. Even though they’ve put in pretty low since their season, the pair really shined 90 Days Fiancé: Self-Isolate.

Josh and Aika Patterson

Josh Aika Patterson: TLC: 90 Days Fiancé

Fans may remember Josh and Aika Patterson from 90 days fiance Season 5 due to the exciting start of the 90-day period. When Aika moved to the United States, she found out that Josh had domestic violence charges and a history of cheating. What’s more, Aika hoped to have children, but Josh revealed that he had undergone a vasectomy. Then Aika’s doctor told her she might be sterile. Despite all the challenges, the pair is still happy. Filipino woman and Arizona man document their travels around the US on social media, but they’ve never been to any 90 days fiance Role.

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Jenny Torres and Larry Passariello

Jenny Larry Fiancé 90 Day Crop

Although Larry Passariello and Jenny Torres have appeared in many sub-programs since their debut 90 Days Fiancé: 90 Days Before For the first time, they stayed away from any drama and didn’t become an influencer on social media. In their season, Larry traveled to the Philippines to meet Jenny in person after establishing a connection online. They have informed fans of their life as a married couple on their joint Instagram and YouTube accounts, and many fans have praised the couple for their “unproblematic” relationship. Larry and Jenny appeared together 90 day fiancé: what nowAnd 90 Days Fiancé: Self-Isolate, And 90 Days Fiancé: Love Games.

Josh and Alexandra Strobel

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Controversial couple from 90 days fiance Season 3, Josh and Alexandra Strobel met in the Czech Republic when they were studying abroad. Many fans thought Russian dancer Alexandra was an odd match for Mormon man Josh, but they tied the knot regardless. The couple had their first child, Kaia Strobel, in March 2016. Since Kaia has a much darker skin tone than her parents, some fans have accused Alexandra of cheating on Josh with her best friend, who viewers thought looked like their daughter.

Alexandra denied all cheating rumors, but due to this scandal, Josh and Alexandra chose to keep their family away from social media, even after the two welcomed their second child. Josh has no online presence, and Alexandra uses her Instagram account to record their adventures as a married couple. The two did not appear on either 90 days fiance popup.

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