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The fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery Arriving Thursday, November 18th at Paramount+. At New York Comic Con, TrekMovie participated in some group interviews with members of the cast and crew, one of which was with duo Mary Wiseman (Tele) and David Agala (Book). They told us and a handful of other media what to expect of their characters and more.

How does Tilly’s scientific mind play out in solving the anomaly crisis in Season 4?

I think she’s one of the people that goes in there when there are scientific things that are hard to solve. She, Adera, Stamets, and Rhino are the really hard science guys. Well, Renault engineering is really more. So I think Tilly is definitely going to employ those skills. But I think one of the things that makes everyone feel so unceremonious in this situation is that they don’t even know how to use their skills to deal with this because it’s something they’ve never seen, they can’t predict, I don’t know the rules it works by, how to get involved. So when seasoned people feel incapable, crazy things happen.

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In the third season, Tilly was a first officer and then an acting captain; How does all of this affect who you are in Season 4?

Mary Wiseman: This experience affects her a lot this season. I probably had to get on the board before it was ready…I think she knows intellectually that it didn’t fail, and it’s not her fault that Osyraa took the ship, she didn’t have all the information, but I still think the fact that she took command and lost the ship somehow What would be a massive blow to her confidence and make her question a lot. So I think we pick it up some time after the events of that season, but she’s still not really sure what she’s going to do, and everything was really comfortable not sitting comfortably like he used to… if that makes sense.

Mary Wiseman as Tilly in Episode 402, “Anomaly”

You two are Michael’s best friend and friend, so will Michael when he becomes captain create any new tension in Season 4?

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Mary Wiseman: We don’t have a lot of scenes together but there is a lot of tension between us as actors and characters. (Laughs)

David Agala: Legit, it’s still pretty straightforward here. Do you see this tension?

Mary Wiseman: I wish there was…maybe in the future there is room for some protective energy for a best friend/friend. I think there is room for that. Hopefully we’ll be able to explore it because there’s the potential for a big rush, but then also really important conversations to have because when you care about someone you don’t want to see go through the pain, and I can totally see how Tilly would be so protective of Michael Burnham.

David, can we expect any surprising uses for the special things Bock can do in Season 4, now that he’s able to control the movement of the spore?

David Agala: Yes. With his skills and abilities, we will see how he can use them in a way that may affect his relationship with Michael Burnham.

Mary Wiseman: That was really good humor.

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David, did Michael who became Captain change Bock’s relationship with her?

David Agala: I think it made Cleveland Booker more attracted to Michael Burnham because I think he looks and goes ‘Oh, yummy. That’s a little cake I want to put in butter. [laughter]

David Agala as Bock and Sonicwa Martin Green as Michael in Episode 401 “Kobayashi Maru”

We’ve seen Captain Kelly, so what does the Mirror Universe look like?

David Agala: I never thought of that. What do you think it looks like?

Mary Wiseman: Well… what is the same as the root of the book but like the opposite polar expression to it? Maybe it will be highly dependable or something?

David Agala: The first thing that comes to mind is that he is probably a borderline, egotistical, and self-indulgent narcissist. All those wonderful things that don’t make you a good human being.

And how and how will your abilities in the mirror universe be used?

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David Agala: I would be very dangerous. Because Bok is someone who doesn’t only have brain and intellectual intelligence. He also has emotional intelligence. And if you are able to use that against someone, it can be very, very dangerous,

Mary Wiseman: Well, when you use sympathy for evil, it’s manipulation.

David Agala: absolutely yes. And for your own gain, right?

Mary Wiseman: He could be a very powerful person in the mirror universe.

David Agala: What about malice in the mirror universe?

Mary Wiseman: dog!

David Agala: Very cute and friendly dog.

Mary Wiseman and David Agala with co-stars Wilson Cruz, Sonicua Martin Green, Blue Del Barrio, and Anthony Raab at NYCC 2021

ICYMI: NYCC Season 4 Trailer

(The trailer is also available to international viewers on Instagram and startrek.com)

Star Trek: Discovery Exclusive Streams on Paramount + in the US in Canada Discovery It is broadcast on CTV Sci-Fi and is broadcast on Crave. It is also available on Netflix in 190 countries around the world.

Keeping up with the Star Trek Universe on TrekMovie.com.

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