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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Why I Should Join Zionpay Earning Opportunity?

Zionpay Platform is the reputable website that displays current news from world’s mass media.  We deliver legitimate news services while you get entertain always. We open up new avenues where you can read news and get paid for having fun on our website.

We let you earn money by reading news online. We welcome you to sign up on our website and get paid without any inconvenience. In fact, we keep your interests always  as our priority and that’s why we are always working hard to give you interesting content to make you happy, because your happiness is what we are after.

Are you a student, graduate, or seeking for job.. If you’re here on Zionpay you can benefit from our earnings opportunity by making Money on our Website.

How to Register On Zionpay?

  • Coupon code (meet/call any of our coupon sellers)

What is Coupon code?

Coupon Code is a secret code which serves as a direct registration. You get Coupon Code from the following approved and registered merchants of Coupon Code at the rate of ₦0:00 and you will applied the code during registration.

How Do I Get Paid In Zionpay?

We pay Earnings of a total of 10,000COINS and we pay within 4hrs of request (Anytime, No other charges required for payment)

How Can I share sponsored post?

Go to your menu bar, click on sponsored post for each date, then Tap “SHARE ON FACEBOOK” you will be directed to our facebook timeline and SHARE it like a daily post.

{Note: Make sure your post status is public. This is important because you’ll be asked to provide your facebook link on your withdrawal form in order to be PAID}

 Is Zionpay.com.ng Legit?

Yes, we are here to help you make more money while you catch fun with our website news.

For more information, contact the CEO of Zionpay.com.ng direct on:

Email: meetzionpay@gmail.com

Or visit our CONTACT US page.

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