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Faculty honored for research, scholarship, creative work: Indiana University Kokomo

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KOKOMO, Ind. – More than 70 faculty members at Indiana University in Kokomo have received recognition in the annual Campus Grant and Creative Works Receipt.

Mark Canada, Executive Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Interim Vice-Chancellor, hosted the event, praising the faculty for outstanding work in scholarship, research, and creativity.

“I commend my colleagues for their important work, which is to expand knowledge and inspire imagination to audiences around the world.”

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Recognized faculty members:

College of Business Administration

Dmitriy Chulkov, Professor of Economics and Management Information Systems; Steve Cox, Professor of Finance; Rod Haywood, Visiting Lecturer in Business; Hyunkang Hor, Associate Professor of Public Administration; Jeongyeon Kim, Associate Professor of Accounting and Management Information Systems; Joo Young (LJ) Lee, Assistant Professor of Sports and Recreation Management; Mark Minge, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism; Mohamed Maibodi, Professor of Operations Management. Melinda Stanley, Lecturer in Healthcare Administration; and Esra Topkoglu, Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism.

school of education

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Sarah Grob, Assistant Professor of Education; Tara Kingsley, Associate Professor of Education; Lance Mason, Associate Professor of Education; Alina Mihai, Associate Professor of Education; Sheryl Moore-Bioco, Lecturer in Special Education; Christina Romero Ivanova, Assistant Professor of Education; and Natalie Schilling, assistant professor of educational psychology.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Eric Bean Selbo, Professor of Philosophy; Nick Baxter, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Kelly Brown, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security; Julie Bronson, assistant professor of psychology; Laurie Bronze, visiting lecturer in English; Chris Buckman, Lecturer in Philosophy; Mark Canada, Professor of English; Kevin Clark, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Jim Kobe, Assistant Professor of English; Paul Cook, Assistant Professor of English; Rosalyn Davis, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychology; Eric Derley, Professor of New Media; Minda Douglas, Associate Professor of New Media, Art, and Technology; Christina Downey is a professor of psychology. Wendy Grace, Senior Music Lecturer; Sarah Heath, Associate Professor of History; Dennis Henry is a guest lecturer at the theatre. Kathryn Holcomb, Assistant Professor of Psychology; Michael Corner, Assistant Professor of New Media, Art and Technology; Andrew McFarland, Assistant Professor of History; Stephanie Medley Rath, Associate Professor of Sociology; Jane Morgan, assistant professor of psychology; Jimmy Oslavsky-Lopez, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Aaron Pickens, Assistant Professor of New Media, Art, and Technology; Bo Shine, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security; Kristen Snody, Senior Lecturer in English; Gregory Steel, Associate Professor of New Media, Art, and Technology; Carla Stoze, Professor of Teaching English and Humanities; Michelle Westervelt, Senior Lecturer in English, and Nikki Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Psychology; and Eva White, Professor of English.


Meg Gallaso, Assistant Librarian

College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions

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Adalene Cunningham, Lecturer in Nursing. Patricia Davis, Assistant Professor of Radiology; Erin Geiselman, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Sonia Green, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing; Susan Hendricks, Professor of Nursing. Dia Kent, Assistant Professor of Nursing; Tammy Ledbetter is an assistant professor of nursing. Mary Burke, Associate Professor of Nursing; Kathleen Clout, Associate Professor of Nursing; Lenora Mays, Lecturer in Nursing; Susan Balugi, Lecturer in Nursing. Stephanie Pratt, Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing; Stacy Rosales, Senior Lecturer in Nursing; Heidi Sebastian, Assistant Professor of Radiology; Lee Schwarzendropper, clinical assistant professor of nursing; and Carolyn Townsend, assistant professor of nursing.

College of Science

Lala Acharya, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences; Awni Al-Nasser, Associate Professor of Informatics. Ghada Al-Showair, assistant professor of health sciences. Chris Carovana, Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Christian Schuere, Professor of Microbiology; Angela Coppola, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences; Qasim Qasim, professor of chemistry. Hong Liu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Patrick Mottle, Professor of Physics; and Mark Stepaniak, Biology Lab Supervisor/Teacher.

Education is key at Indiana University Kokomo.

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