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‘Guinan’ interviews ’Captain Michael Burnham’ on ‘The View’

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Paramount / ABC

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Turns out Whoopi was off a bit when she announced Sonequa Martin-Green on The View

If you’ve ever wondered which fan base cares most about the smallest detail, it might be Trekkie. Star Trek fans throughout the fan base are known for having fans who follow shows and movies closely and can pick up on even the smallest details that might not suit them.

In fact, the creator of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” was himself one of those uber geeks who knew every detail of “The Next Generation”. for years, Mike McMahan hilarious ran Twitter feed “TNG Season 8”, which made suggestions for plots for what could have been. As it turns out, McMahan worked in the animation on “Rick and Morty,” so the idea of ​​showing Trek made sense. And “basements” is full of references to older Trek shows It features many cast members from the past.

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While McMahan may be one of the biggest Trek fans ever running a show, it’s clear that many of those involved in the franchise don’t know all the details.

Whoopi talks about a trip on ‘The View’

Star Trek Discovery Star Sonqua Martin Green thanks to Whoopi Goldberg | the viewThe actress spoke on “The View” about becoming the first black woman in the “Star Trek” franchise to captain a spaceship and shares how she plans to use Thanksgiving as a teachable moment. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: bit.ly/2Ybi4tM More ‘THE VIEW’: Full Episodes: abcn.ws/2tl10qh Twitter: twitter.com/theview Facebook: facebook.com/TheView Instagram: instagram.com/theviewabc2021-11-22 T19:00:10Z

On an episode of The View, which aired November 22, 2021, on ABC, Whoopi Goldberg welcomed Sonicua Martin Green. Martin-Green is the main character and face of the “Star Trek: Discovery” franchise, the main show of Paramount+ Network. Her portrayal of Michael Burnham has captured the attention of fans all over the world.

Goldberg isn’t as flabby as she could be considered a Trek family, as she portrayed the mysterious Jenan in “The Next Generation” and in the movie Generations. Goldberg is supposed to return to Trek, Patrick Stewart announced on an episode of “The View” some time ago.

When she began the conversation with “The View” hosts and Martin Green, Goldberg said the following:

“You are the first black woman to ever command a spacecraft.”

The audience applauded.

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“Now, she knows the pressure because she was killing zombies!” Goldberg said of Martin Green, referring to her role in “The Walking Dead.”

“It’s now taking everyone across the universe,” Goldberg said. “How do you feel?”

Whoopi is wrong

Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home – Part 1Part 1 of Star Trek The Voyage Home. All credit goes to Paramount Pictures.2020-08-22T14:46:29Z

At that moment, it was probably as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in horror as they turned to Facebook to point out Goldberg’s mistake. It was Brett Slovak, a Trek fan, who got the most attention for his position at Star Trek Universe is on Facebook.

She wrote, “Just watched Whoopi Goldberg’s interview with Sonequa Martin-Green on The View, describing her as ‘the first black woman to play a spaceship captain.'” Slovacek on Facebook. “However, this is not accurate.”

Slovacek reminded those who read that “the first woman of color to play the captain of a spaceship” was Madge Sinclair, who appeared as the captain of USS Saratoga in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.”

Madge Sinclair and “Star Trek”

In honor of Madge SinclairMadge Sinclair was the black royal actress who starred alongside James Earl Jones and Livar Burton on multiple occasions. In this video, we remember the 80’s actress and her contribution to TV and motion picture science… I’m Rachel, and I report almost anything that interests Generation X. Link with me…2019-07-01 T01:44:20Z

While Slovacek was correct, Sinclair actually appeared twice in the franchise — both times as the lead. As Slovacek described, it was Sinclair in Star Trek IV, and it was her ship that encountered the alien ship at the beginning of the story. But she was also in the episode “Next Gen”, where she played Geordi La Forge’s mother, Captain Silvia La Forge.

Fans may remember Sinclair from her roles on Trek, but she has been a very busy actress who has appeared in numerous films and shows while active. Sinclair passed away in 1995. She is also remembered for her role in “Coming to America” It has not been reformulated for a sequel.

Captain “Downstairs” too

Captain Freeman arrested || Star Trek Lower Decks Season 2 Final Episode 102021-10-14T11:14:43Z

Later in the conversation, Trek fan Jeffrey Harlan correctly pointed out that Carol Freeman (Voiced by Don Lewis) actually beat Burnham by “two seasons”. Freeman has appeared in “Downstairs” as the leader of Cerritus, starting in 2020 Burnham didn’t become a captain until the end of season three (which aired in 2021).

Sonequa got right

Star Trek Discovery – Captain in the Bridge Scene – Full HDYou finally succeeded.. let’s fly.. “Captain Michael Burnham”2021-01-11T14:44:16Z
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Although Goldberg may not have intended to condone Sinclair and Lewis’ portrayal of the black female leader, Martin Green wasted no moment in correcting Guinan’s mistake.

“He made history this way as the first black female lead on Star Trek…” said Martin Green. She used this opportunity to honor everyone who came before her, including Goldberg and Nichelle Nichols.

The actress spoke about how Goldberg meant so much to her and her family, and talked about the hardships of losing her parents. The hosts and Martin Green also spoke about Nichols and her positive impact on a generation of African Americans.

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