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Please, read this to the end , that’s the only way you can get it.
Don’t start reading, if you won’t read till the end!

What you’re about to read, is a deliverance from every form of academic ignorance

So… How do you balance your academics with fellowship activities?

This issue has been a bone of contention around fellowships on campus, we trust that God grants us clarity once and for all… Amen!

We’ll first address some truths and lies, then we’ll finally talk about time and priorities


  • You can engage in a lot of fellowship activities and fail in your academics. Yes!
  • Academic excellence is a choice
  • God is very interested in your academics as he is with your spiritual life
  • People don’t fail the day the results are out. actually, the failure starts immediately the semester begins
  • If you fail to plan, you’ve planned to failed


  • Fellowship activities makes your academics to suffer
  • It is a sin to be the best in your department
  • When you’re diligent in the study of the bible and prayers, God must take care of your academics
  • Reading is not just my thing
  • God wants you to grow spiritually, and fail in your academics

Eyes are opened in Jesus name.
Now we’ve established certain truths and lies, let’s see what the bible have to says

Never forget this scripture in your life
Prov.4.18 – But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

This scripture never said “the spiritual path”, or “the financial path”. It says “the path”.
It means any path of your life that you find yourself walking as a believer, it is expected that you shine more and more everyday. And that includes your academic path

Your level of performance in academics is supposed to get better as you keep serving God.
If this is the will of God, then we can draw a conclusion that God doesn’t want you to fail.
Yes! That’s why he gives wisdom and understanding when we pray

But why do we fail? What are we not getting right? What are we doing wrong? What is the secret? Thank God you’re reading this

The same 24hrs God gave to a first-class student, is the same 24hrs he gave to you.
It’s the same 24hrs he gave to the first-class brother in your fellowship, it’s the same 24hrs he gave to that first-class unbeliever in your faculty.

The difference between every individual is knowledge, those that perform well know how to effectively manage their time

Let me tell you what you don’t know….
TIME, is the only gift you received from God when you came to this world, anything you invest your time on; will grow!.
If you give your time to prayers and study of God’s word, you’ll grow in that area
If you invest your time in studying your books, you’ll also grow in that area
If you invest your time in friendship, the relationship will get stronger
This is the principle of time
never forget this

If you were asked to account for everything you did with your 24×7= 168hrs in a week, what can you say?

  • Out of 168hrs every week, if you spend 8hrs for weekly services(MBS, WEDNESDAY EVANGELISM,TRETS AND FRIDAY PRAYER) and 5hrs on Sunday service that is approx 13hrs in a week. Let’s just make it 18hrs for those that love God and God’s people. 168-18= 150hrs left in a week
  • Let’s say you always sleep for 6hrs everyday, 6×7=42hrs in a week. 150-42= 108hrs
  • Out of 108hrs, let’s say your lectures from mon-sat is 6 hours daily. 6×6=36hrs every week. 108-36= 72hrs
  • Let’s say you spend 1hr every day walking from your hostel or lodge, to your department. 1×6=6. 72-6= 66hrs
  • Finally, let’s say you spent 15hrs in a week talking with friends, cooking, washing, joking, attending to unnecessary activities etc. 66-15= 51hrs

My God! You have 51hrs in a week to study .
It means everyday, you have 51÷7=7. Everyday, you have 7hrs to study
what are you doing with 7hrs everyday?

If you can’t give account to what you did with 7hrs everyday, you’re like the unfaithful servant that was given 1 talent, and refused to invest it .

This is where we always get things wrong. What is eating your 7hrs?
Social media? Friends? Movies? Unproductive conversations? WHAT?
People that understand time, will never be cheated in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a believer or not.

Ps.90.12 – So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

You see why you don’t really have an excuse to fail as a believer. Your time is verrrry important.
To number your days, you need a timetable. If you don’t have a timetable, anyone and anything will always eat your time.
There are a lot of things to discuss on time, but it’ll be a whole sermon. Let’s move to the next one, priority!

Hope you’re getting blessing?

As a student, the first thing you need to place on your list of priority is your Academics
As a Christian, the first thing you need to place on your list of priority is God
As a Christian Student, the first thing you need to place on your priority list is what?
Lets find out…

Knowing the amount of time you need to study everyday is not enough. You can know the time you need, and then, allocate the time for something you think is more important

Your study, should be the first thing that comes to your mind everyday. Because, that’s really why you are in school.
Most students don’t take their academics serious again because they’ve concluded it’s not really important , and the funny thing is that most of them want good results.
How is that possible?

If your academics is really important to you, you’ll take necessary steps to see things works out.
This is how you walk circumspectly .

How do you know your academics is no longer a major priority?

  • You are not reading ahead
  • You are not praying to God for directions in your academics
  • You are no longer bothered when you miss lectures, and skip assignment
  • You find things like watching movies and other funny activities very interesting than reading your books
  • You don’t like the course you’re studying

Just to mention a few…

The problem with student most time is that they know what to do, but they really don’t know why they need to do it
You’ll never come to a point where you’ll get vibes to study, no one on earth wakes up with this feeling of “wanting to read their books”. You must subject yourself to every discipline.
Studying is hard work, that’s why not everyone study, and that’s also why not everyone is excellent.

Your academics is very important as a student. But you can be so focused on your academics and lose purpose to why you were created, and why you came to school.
But you can only find purpose in God, and that’s why as a Christian Student your first priority should be God. Then anything else can follow

Consider these things:

  • If you can pray for 2 hours, why can’t you memorize your note for 2 hours?
  • If you can study your Bible for 3 hours, why can’t you read your book for 3 hours?
  • If God is showing you visions and revelations concerning spiritual things, then he should also give you a blueprint on how to run this semester

The only reason you can engage in a lot of fellowship activities and fail, is when the other part is neglected

If you’ve been following up until this point, you should know right now that you’re totally responsible for your failure and success in your academics.

You’ll always perform poor if you don’t allocate your time right, and set your priorities right
And you’ll always blame those around you for your poor performance

You have just 6 weeks before you start writing your exams. What are you doing with your time? What activity do you need to cut from your daily 7hours? What plans do you have? Who do you need to cut off from your life? What are those distractions around you?

Your fellowship is never a distraction to your academics, if you don’t make time for God, something else will make use of that time.

Reading up to this point, shows you’re a serious student

Eccl.7.8a – Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:
start doing the right things if you need a better end!

And also remember
Prov.4.18 – But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

If this is helpful, share it to that christian brother or sister in your department and fellowship

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