Due to recent incident in Lagos, whereby residents stormed a warehouse to cart away COVID-19 palliatives, some Ilorin residents on Friday, burst in to Covid-19 food palliatives warehouse located at the Ilorin cargo terminal of the Ilorin International Airport to cart away food items kept inside.

Security agencies have been deployed to the Ilorin Cargo Terminal to foil the attack by some hoodlums on the stores housing the palliatives recently donated to the state.

The government had earlier called the attention of the security agencies to intelligence reports that some anarchists, backed by partisan interests, have plotted to break into the cargo terminal to cart away palliatives meant for victims of recent flood and rainstorm.

Some of the food items include bags of rice, noodles, beverages, salt, sugar, among others

Some minutes later after the security agencies have tracked the residents in the incident, hoodlums take another way off  to mandate estate and invaded the place and take out many items.

Some Items taken out also in the mandate estate includes  noodles, pepsi drink, rice and more.

Mostly everywhere in ilorin has been  blocked due to the chaos and commotion happening in ilorin as residents keeps lotting around for more covid-19 palliatives foods

Watch video below.


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