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Jackson High’s Olando Trader takes football scholarship at Iowa

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JACKSON, MI – The Orlando Trader has gone through the trip perfectly.

The footballer was born at Jackson High School in Liberia and was adopted by a Jackson couple when he was seven years old.

Now, he is on his way to the University of Iowa to play for the Hawkeyes.

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The merchant’s mother, Kristi, said she always felt a push to adopt her.

“I actually watched a show at Oprah the other day about adoption and shared some kids who were adopted in North Carolina and, ironically, from Liberia,” she said. “I saw an ad on the back of a magazine and it was for the company that we ended up with, so some little bits kept popping up that I thought, you know, I really wanted to do it.”

I went through a company called African American Adoption. When she saw Orlando, she said, “That’s it.” “

Christy Trader

Olando Trader (center)

It took about four years from that point on to complete the adoption process and pass him on to Jackson.

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“I felt like if I was going to do this, it would be something big enough in my life that I would probably only be able to do it at one time and I really wanted to make a really big impact,” she said. “He has gone from an orphanage in Liberia to this truly amazing success that he is seeing now.”

Orlando played more than football.

“I used to play baseball, track, wrestling, soccer, and basketball,” he said.

Kristi has another son, Ethan. In age, they are only four months apart. Kristi said both of her sons are athletes, but at the dawn of her day Orlando might have outgrown the competition.

Orlando Trader

Christy Trader

“Olando was starting to really shine in football. Just crazy speeds and doing crazy plays. We looked at him and said, ‘Oh, we don’t think that’s normal for his age.’ Ethan, our other son was really athletic. He was walking around a really athletic crew and Orlando was training them. all”.

Football is his best sport. He clocked a 40-yard dash in 4.39 seconds, a speed comparable to some NFL players including Arizona Cardinals linebacker Isaiah Simmons and Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathon Taylor.

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At the track, he ran 200 meters in 21.9 seconds.

Kabir is just one of a handful of soccer players at Jackson High School who won a scholarship to play Division I soccer.

“It means a lot,” Orlando said. “That means I hope one day there will be more people out of Jackson High School to go to a big school in Division I. But it puts a chip on my shoulder to motivate others that anyone can do it if you put your mind to it.”

The hiring process was intense according to Kristi because you “really try to make the best decision for your child, the best decision for you, the best decision for the team.”

“It was fun,” Orlando said. “I remember I went on some visits that were fun. Then you have a coach who calls you every day about something, and those coaches tell you something different. You just go with what your heart says. Purdue came to school one day, Northwest, Central Michigan, Iowa , Michigan, Michigan State, and Washington State.”

I’ve been to Hawkeyes University and Central Michigan.

“We were sure he was going to CMU until last weekend when he went to Iowa and that last weekend changed our minds. We were all so surprised to go home,” Christie said.

Christie believes Olando chose Iowa due to the stability of its program, the children’s hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium and the ability to sign a four-year national letter of intent compared to one-year agreements at most other schools.

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“I think in the case of Orlando where men have abandoned him in some respects in his life, he really commends a program that says these guys are going to retire from that program. They’re not leaving in the next four or five years,” she said.

Orlando Trader

Christy Trader

Iowa State head coach Kirk Ferentz, a Michigan native, has been the head coach of the football program since 1999.

“The main reason I really chose Iowa was because I felt the coaches were not going anywhere,” Orlando said. “They had two coaches in the entire program. [since 1979] until stability. Then I felt the connection with defensive coordinator Phil Parker. We felt close. The players were good. My host was a wonderful person. It was just a place I could see for myself for the next four to five years.”

Orlando is moving to Iowa City in June and plans to major in physical therapy.

As he looked around Dungey Field at Withington Stadium, he thought about what he would miss.

“My friends of course. I will miss just playing football in this field for the last time. We could not do that in the qualifiers. The last game in this field did not go as planned, but it is the memories we make together that I will miss.”

Orlando Trader

Christy Trader

Ethan (left) and Orlando (right)

The dealer is the first Jackson High School football player to receive a scholarship to continue playing Big Ten school football since Antonio Bass went to the University of Michigan in 2005. Cory Pryor was the last Jackson High School football player to play in Major League Soccer the foot. He continued his studies at Michigan State University in 2016.

Jack Fairley, the athletic director for Jackson Public Schools, said there were a total of 22 Division I football players at Jackson High School.

Noun The school general
Derek Copeland Western Michigan University 1986
Corey Pryor, Sr. Michigan State University 1986
Daryl Stinson, Sr. Central Michigan University 1989
Ron Armstrong Michigan State University 1991
Danny Sumner Central Michigan University 1992
Aaron Rolvich University of Toledo 1992
Clarence Love University of Toledo 1993
mike scott Eastern Michigan University 1993
Damian Hiram Michigan State University 1993
Juan Braxton Northern Illinois University 1994
JK Haehnle Western Michigan University 1994
Kyle Sanders Northwestern University 1995
Rush Powers Western Michigan University 1996
James Stanley University of Toledo 1997
Bob Sanders Air Force Academy 1997
Mike Holt University of Hawaii 1999
Josh Blackman University of Michigan 1999
Jeff Jansen University of Michigan 2003
Antonio Bass University of Michigan 2005
Daryl Stinson Jr. Central Michigan University 2008
Tyler Thomas Eastern Michigan University 2008
Cory Prior Michigan State University 2016

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