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Just in the Nick of Time, a Connection

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Samantha Fleischman and Alison Saltstein nested for three years at Muhlenberg College, a small liberal arts school in Allentown, Pennsylvania. But they didn’t meet until Mrs. Saltstein was a sophomore, in January 2010, and the two took the same video production class.

“We almost ran out of time,” said Saltstein, 34, who graduated with a double major in political science and Spanish, and later earned a law degree from Fordham.

“I asked if I could be her partner on a project she had just been commissioned,” added Ms. Saltstein, who now works at the New York law firm of Proskauer Rose.

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Although she had not met Ms. Saltstein, Ms. Fleischmann, 32, accepted her offer. After that, Ms. Fleischmann said, “We became fast friends and then very close friends.” They realized that their paths did not cross sooner because they traveled in different social circles on campus.

Ms. Saltstein played on the women’s softball team and studied abroad in Spain.

Mrs. Fleischmann, who was a junior in the second semester when they met, joined the Delta Zeta Club, studied abroad in London and worked as a writing teacher during her time at Muhlenberg, from which she graduated summa cum laude. She now works as a Strategic Marketing Lead at TripAdvisor, an online travel company in New York

Once connected, they became inseparable, and were often seen studying mid-semester in the library or working on software in the computer lab.

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“We have been associated with our love of family and friends,” said Ms. Fleischmann. “We are both family oriented, we both really love to travel and we are both foodies.”

Of Mrs. Fleischmann, Mrs. Saltstein added: “She has a good sense of humor and I have been impressed by her kindness.”

The two turned from close friends to a married couple in the summer of 2010, shortly after Ms. Saltstein’s graduation. By the winter of 2011, they both declared their love for each other.

Ms. Saltstein said she felt the same way. “There’s never been a time I’ve wanted to be without Samantha because I feel so elated every time I’m with her, which is almost all of the time,” she said.

Nine years after they officially started to date, the two got engaged, In August 2019. Ms. Fleischmann proposed privately to Mrs. Saltstein in their Brooklyn apartment, in Brooklyn Heights, and arranged for their immediate families to meet them at a nearby restaurant for the celebration.

“Alison taught me to love every moment of my life and to surround myself with those who love me, because you never know what will happen in this world,” said Mrs. Fleischmann.

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Fleischmann added of the proposal, “She knew we were engaged, but she didn’t know when, where and how.”

The couple married on November 20 before Rabbi Joshua Stanton and 164 guests were fully vaccinated at the Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn.

Guests included Ms. Saltstein’s mother, Susan Saltstein of Long Beach Island, NJ, and Ms. Fleishman’s parents, Peter Fleishman, a retired management consultant in the IT industry, and Susan Klebanov, a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in New York.

“Given the 10 years we’ve spent together, the only thing I would have done differently is to suggest to Alison a lot sooner,” Fleischmann said.

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