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Luke Getsy interviews hoping to make rare jump from position coach to head coach – The Denver Post

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Not including college coaches who have jumped into running an NFL team, Zack Taylor of Cincinnati is the only current coach hired despite no coordinator or playing experience.

The move worked for the Bengals, who won the AFC North title and hosted Las Vegas in Saturday’s playoff round.

Could Luke Jetsie be ready for the same height?

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The first move for Jitsi, the 37-year-old quarterback coach for the Green Bay Packers, was to interview the Broncos as a vacant coach on Friday.

Gatesey, the second nominee to meet Broncos general manager George Patton and his panel of CEOs, wrapped up their meeting at about 5:15 p.m. Friday, according to the club.

The traveling team from the Broncos will interview Green Bay offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on Saturday morning before returning to the Denver area to wait outside of the weekend’s play-offs. They met with Detroit defense coordinator Aaron Glenn on Thursday.

Eight nominees are on the teams playing in the Wild Card Tour with no interviews scheduled: Brian Callahan (Cincinnati) and Jerrod Mayo (New England) on Saturday, Dan Quinn/Kellen Moore (Dallas), Jonathan Gannon (Philadelphia) and Eric Benemi (Kansas City). ) on Sunday and Kevin O’Connell (Los Angeles Rams) on Monday.

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It is believed that Patton prefers to do all interviews in person.

Since the 13-4 Packers have the only NFC advantage in the first round, Getsy and Hackett can meet with interested teams. Hackett gave an interview to Jacksonville on Friday and will also meet with Chicago on Saturday.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur told reporters Wednesday that Jitsi has done a “terrific job.”

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