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Memorial scholarship formed – Farmville

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Written by Victoria Thompson

For Farmville Herald

Hampden College-Sydney is known for preserving its history and legacy, especially when it comes to Greek life. Recently, the Delta Deuteron branch of Phi Gamma Delta in Hampden-Sydney attempted to raise money for a memorial scholarship in honor of one of their brothers, Thomas Salamon.

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The 21st Thomas R. Salamon Memorial Scholarship was established in honor of Thomas who died on January 30, 2021 in a car accident. As he majored in Mathematics, Economics and Applied Mathematics, the scholarship will benefit a Hampden-Sydney student who has studied in a similar field.

According to Alexander Kehoe, the little brother of Phi Gamma Delta, the people who will be eligible for this scholarship He will also share the characteristics that Thomas embodied during his time in Hampden-Sydney.

“It’s a huge responsibility, and at first it seemed like a daunting task. There are a lot of guys in the group who want to see this happen, so we had ideas,” Kehoe said.

The overall target financial amount for this scholarship is $50,000; This would make her considered a talented scholarship. The scholarship is scheduled to be awarded in the next academic year.

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For now, the fraternity is focused on discovering ideas and planning a fundraiser.

Kehoe mentioned how the fraternity started raising money at the beginning of this school year, but little progress has been made. Most of the efforts were achieved through letters that were sent to various newspapers across the region.

Thomas’ mother, Caroline Salamon, remembered how the donations came in honor of her son last spring. When the college sent her a letter regarding the situation, she communicated the idea of ​​forming a scholarship in her son’s memory.

Caroline and the Phi Gamma Delta brothers decided to come together and form a memorial scholarship.

“We both had the same ideas, and with both of them having full-time academic lives, I really appreciate everything they do,” Caroline said, “I am absolutely proud.”

She further confirmed how her son benefited from the scholarships, saying how he was able to attend Hampden-Sydney because of it. She also mentioned how her son accomplished things while in college that she only discovered after his death, such as setting up an entrepreneurship club for students with innovative ideas.

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When asked what she hopes the scholarship will achieve, she said, “I hope she’ll be able to preserve his memory and the impact he made, but it’s also important to give another boy an ongoing chance to grow up and be really good.” a respectful person.”

Salamon and Kehoe have made clear the importance of keeping his legacy alive with this scholarship.

Kehoe also stated, “It has been a huge driving force for finding the drive and motivation to help the scholarship and help carry forward Thomas’ legacy.”

While the fraternity has yet to hit the target, there are several ideas being considered for future fundraising.

Kehoe mentioned the idea of ​​holding a soccer tournament once the students return from winter break, and the weather gets warmer. The tournament will include other Hampden-Sydney fraternities and possibly some Longwood University sororities as well. Specific details of the location and groups that will participate at this time will be determined.

More information about the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity can be found at Hampden-Sydney College at https://www.hsc.edu/student-life/what-to-do/greek-life.

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