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Mila Kunis Dishes on Ashton Kutcher’s Preparation for ‘Jobs’ Role, Which Landed Him in the Hospital Twice

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Best known for his hack role in This is a 70’s showAshton Kutcher is best known in Hollywood for his acting and production skills. While every actor’s preparation for a role is different, Kutcher took his role as Steve Jobs in 2013 seriously by fully immersing himself in the life of a tech leader. This included changing to Jobs’s fruitful diet months before filming, which saw Kutcher twice into the emergency room. While many rejected Kutcher’s strict acting style to become Jobs on screen, his wife Mila Kunis has been very vocal about her thoughts about changing his “dumb” restrictive diet. In fact, Kunis recently opened up again about Ashton Kutcher’s medical incidents while preparing for it Careers Job.

Kutcher did his best to prepare for his role in “Jobs”

Released in 2013, Careers It was a movie about the life of a businessman and tech visionary. The film follows the story of Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, from the company’s beginnings to the launch of the iPod in 2001. While Jobs had a huge following for his innovative world-changing company, the movie Careers It hasn’t been quite as successful as the tech company. Even Kutcher’s dedication to learning all about Jobs’ personal and professional life wasn’t enough to make him a huge hit at the box office.

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