Motara’s Video Hits French Twitter As Twitter Account Gets Suspended And Endorsement Deal Gets Terminated

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Following the latest trend on Twitter about popular Brand ambassador, with the name LadyMotara been draged after uploading a very heartless video on her WhatsApp story.

Motara’s video is now on French twitter.
Trending at about 1million views and they are absolutely horrified by it.

Both of her twitter accounts have been suspended. An endorsement deal now also terminated.

ZIONPAY NEWS reported earlier that Motara uploaded a video on her WhatsApp status in which she was seen drinking a FEARLESS drink in her car and mocking a little girl that was begging for food.

In the act of excitement, the little girl wanted to have the drink after Motara took off and the little girl ran after her car.

Although Miss Motara as apologized to fans and has been advised to go and plead with the little girl but it was to no avail.

As we speak, there has been an outrageous query in French countries regarding Motara’s act.

See Tweets;

You people finished dragging Motara in English now y’all are dragging her in French. LmfaooeuxxCasala ti Beaux 😂😭

Motara the first Nigerian to trend big in France.

And also the first Nigerian to make the whole of twitter Ng tweet in French.

Le Wahala le be bicycle 🚴💔

An idiot recorded that Motara video.And that person is her “friend”. What “friend” helps you record such a horrible video?Now the video is trending in France.Twitter has suspended all her accounts.Pls walk with people who can think when your brain takes a commercial break.

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