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Our family’ll soon be more than a community – Son of late Enugu man with 68 wives, 400 children, grandchildren

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History was made in the Aji community in the Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area in Enugu state on Tuesday as the original doctor, Simon Odo, better known as the Devil King, was buried in a new car inside his compound.

He is married with 68 wives, over 200 children and over 200 grandchildren, and according to his close friend, Chief Joseph Ojo, 74-year-old Odo (also called Onwa) built houses in several places within the city to house his extended family. Until his death, about 62 wives were said to live with him.

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Our reporter, who visited the community on Wednesday, noted that the Devil King has three mansions located in different locations within the community – each with several homes where his wives and children lived.

One of his sons, Arinze Onoa, described his father as a cheerful, disciplined person, who did not discriminate.

Arenzi said, “He loved to see us learn. Some of us study abroad while you graduate a lot. When people tell him about it, he won’t support us. Later, he tells us that he acted like this so as not to make the impression that he supported his children because he was mighty. He built the greatest A kingdom I don’t think will ever exist in Igboland.The way things are going, our family will soon become more than just a community.

“Our father took the name Onuwa which means ‘what people say or the world’, because he didn’t care what people said. He knew all his sons. Our father knew us all. That was one of the unique things about him. All his children live and enjoy together in peace. We don’t quarrel or We fight each other.”

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When asked how many children his father had, he simply said, “In our place we do not count children.”

Ugo, Odo’s friend, who led our reporter during the tour, revealed that Udo was famous for curing diseases, describing him as a good man.

He said: Anwa was my friend on my lap. He facilitated my marriage with a second wife and bought a motorcycle. I also participated in the marriage of some of his wives. He was generous even with his wives and rewarded any of them who offered him a beautiful woman for marriage. He was going to give N50,000 on the spot to help him secure a new wife.

“He once married a Hausa woman from Kano but they only lived together for a short time before he sent her packages because he didn’t like the way she was behaving. He married from different parts of Nigeria. He wasn’t practicing local ritual medicine. He was just treating different kinds of ailments” .

Ojo explained that his friend had taken many wives because he was the only surviving male child of his parents.

He added: “He recently married his 68th wife. He has over 200 children and over 200 grandchildren. Throughout his life, Onuwa allowed his children who did not want to follow in his footsteps as a traditional temple to go to church.”

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