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Paid internships in Dubai for students

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With around 85 percent of Dubai’s population being foreigners, it is a city that not only attracts companies from the UAE but also from all over the world. Dubai is known for its diverse workforce, global professional exposure, and a place where there is no language barrier, but it also gives students the chance to learn Arabic for a greater number of job opportunities.

The city provides students with a local and global work environment for students to start their careers at an impressive pace. Here are the top 7 courses for students that offer them a range of opportunities.

Tourism and Hospitality

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Dubai is one of the cities that thrives greatly in the field of tourism. The influx of visitors in Dubai continues even though the climate in Dubai is a typical hot Arab climate. Due to this endless bevy of visitors, Dubai is the best place students can choose to build a career in tourism and hospitality.

The best benefit one can get is that the Hospitality and Tourism Training Programs in Dubai not only offer monetary satisfaction but also provide daily meals to the individual, cover transportation costs and cater for accommodation needs as well. Apart from paid internships, the hotel sector also offers exceptional training and provides full-time jobs after completion of graduation.

Banking and Finance

Students desiring a career in banking and finance should prefer Dubai as the best place one can ever look for. As the banking and financial industry plays a large role in the city’s economy, it also continues to grow very rapidly. The financial and banking industry in Dubai is one of the fastest emerging industries not only in Dubai but also across the world.

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Dubai is one of the places where students can intern where they can build many skills and career growth through internships. Internships in this field provide skills in field factors such as market researcher, analyst, and much more. Apart from gaining useful and long-term skills, these courses also provide students with a monthly stipend of over AED 1,000.


Dubai is one of the most famous cities due to its agglomeration and possession of impressive skyscrapers, cars and buildings, the engineering industry has turned into the most competitive industry in Dubai. The unique and lively construction of buildings such as the Burj Khalifa is one example of a stunning impression.

Dubai is looking for students who have the talent and inspiration to maintain an impression in the world through unique and stunning constructions. Jobs are offered to students who train in Dubai in the field of engineering in the future based on the new modern technologies, designs and living methods that the students have to offer. Engineering training is also a paid internship which is something to follow if one wishes to excel in this field.

Interior & Architectural Design

There is no doubt when we think of Dubai, a living architectural wonder falling before our eyes. Dubai is one of the most highly constructed and artistically designed regions in the entire world. Students who get an internship in Dubai in the field of interior design and architecture will thrive opulently because Dubai is associated with the beauty and possession of architecture.

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Dubai offers students training courses that will expose them to rewarding job opportunities. Apart from this, internships in the field of architecture and interior design equip students with knowledge about the construction industry while also helping them to enhance their previously developed skills in architecture and design.


Dubai provides students with an internship in the field of Marketing which helps many students to build their career opportunity in this field because these courses in Dubai not only provide financial stability to meet the needs of the student but also provide them with experience that will be useful in their home country as well.

It also enables student trainees to excel in building networks as well as gain confidence in the world of marketing. Dubai interns are exposed to marketing managers to deliver events, create content for marketing and help interns identify different aspects of marketing as well as provide future jobs based on one’s capabilities.


Dubai offers students high-quality paid internships that not only provide students with practical skills in fashion design but also help them develop their own design and personality.

If a student desires to thrive in the field of fashion, Dubai is the best place to do so. Dubai offers students a career advantageous opportunity as well as helping students to identify and overcome their shortcomings and weaknesses to grow successfully in their careers.


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Students wishing to build a career in media have a wide scope in Dubai as Dubai offers paid training courses for students and provides them training with local and global hotspots while promoting and motivating students to build their communication skills and get a place in the media and entertainment industry.

Being a global hub for financial trading, an internship in Dubai offers not only a comfortable lifestyle but also a tax-free life while giving you a chance to see a completely different side of the world.

(Writer is director Edu Brain Overseas)


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