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Paul Bullion Interview: The Witcher Season 2

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the magician The second season expands the world of the Netflix show — and introduces fellow Geralt Witcher, Lambert, played by Paul Bullion. Netflix’s first season the magician It was a huge hit, with viewers delighted by the performances of Henry Cavill’s Geralt, Anya Chalotra’s Yennefer, Freya Allen’s Ciri, and Joey Batey’s Jaskier. the magician The first season ended in dramatic fashion, with Yennefer engaged in a terrible fight, while Geralt and Ciri finally found each other.

season 2 of the magician He sees Geralt taking Ciri to his childhood home in Ker Morhen. Witches have been trained at Kaer Morhen for generations, though it has declined in recent years; The Witcher: The Nightmare of the Wolf He told the tale of Keir Morhen’s dismissal, as public attitudes turned against monster hunters. Ciri is an unusual character in Kaer Morhen, the first woman to undergo Witcher training.

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Paul Bullion plays a major role in the magician Season two, portraying fellow Geralt Witcher Lambert. splash screen Had a chance to speak to Paul Bullion beforehand the magician The second season discussed his role on the show, his character’s relationship with Geralt and Ciri, and the show’s production experience during the coronavirus pandemic.

Screen Rant: Can you tell us a little bit about the character you play as the magicianLambert?

Paul Bullion: Yes, he’s a fellow monster hunter with Geralt and the other Witchers. He trained at the Wolf School, so the same training as Geralt, although he responds to things a little differently. He is known for his short temper and sharp tongue, so he is a fun playable character.

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Obviously, staying away from anything too spoiled, what would his relationship with Geralt and Ciri be like?

Paul Bullion: A more familiar relationship with Geralt, because they have a history. With Ciri, it’s more difficult, I think. Having Ciri in his Kaer Morhen home makes Lambert have to look at things a bit. This will definitely be fun for the audience to witness.

What drew you to Lambert’s character, and made you interested in the role?

Paul Bullion: So at first it was just a test of the show. I didn’t actually realize it was The Witcher at first, because it was all kept secret, so everything was coded. You know you’re auditioning for a show, it’s given a code name, and then all the characters’ names and scenes are changed, and the scenes are different from what ends up in the show. You can make an informed guess that you’re auditioning for The Witcher.

Only the test scenes themselves have a lot of light and shadow in them, and Lambert was a very complex character, in terms of admiration, yes, he’s funny to play – being irritable, having a sharp tongue, all of those things are fun to play with, but that’s because he’s a totally insecure character. Playing this loophole, and having a reason to react like that, is too colorful for the actor to explore. So I definitely found this side of things very exciting.

I understand you already knew you were going to be in season two when season one came out. What was it like watching the magicianKnowing that you’ll be a part of it?

Paul Bullion: It was unbelievable because you were enjoying the show because it’s great, you just get such excitement knowing, “I’d be in this world.” There’s something very comforting about knowing the world they’re starting to create because that can tell you a little more about what you’re involved in, because you see the direction Netflix is ​​taking, and that’s very helpful.

But yeah, I remember sitting in the first episode with the rest of the world, screaming audibly with excitement watching Geralt come out of the swamp, and how cool that was with kikimora, and the scene where he killed half the city, all of those things… I was, like, this is jam This is something I can’t wait to get my teeth on.

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The Witcher Season 2 Lambert Siri Queen

How did you prepare to play Lambert? Did you focus on texts, did you read books and played games?

Paul Bullion: I think it’s important, with such a famous title, to make sure you get a little bit of the flavor of everything. But I made it clear that I wasn’t there to do the impersonation, I was there to do an explanation. I’ve gotten involved in games, and I think The Witcher 3 in particular is an exceptional game, and the way Lambert portrayed it in that is fantastic.

But the books – as the source material, Lambert is very clear with his temperament and demeanor in Blood of Elves, that was very helpful, and the scripts where you see how he interacts with the other characters on the show, you can get a lot of that. This is where I get most of my thoughts – books and texts that have been written.

What was it like joining the cast the magician, given that a lot of the actors were already working together?

Paul Bullion: They were so welcoming, I didn’t really feel like an outsider. Once I stepped onto the set for a screening test, makeup test, and the rest of that, everyone already knew. They were like, ‘You’re playing Lambert, nice to meet you’; They introduced themselves immediately. It’s like welcoming a family that already has a really strong bond.

I think this comes from top to bottom, I think Lorraine Hisrich… For her, it’s important that everyone gets involved, and I think that feeds from top to bottom, and we’re all going in the same direction, so it was very creative and fun to be a part of.

How physically demanding are the role of the Witcher? I remember seeing a video of you practicing with a sword. How did you train for the magician?

Paul Bullion: This video with a sword, probably when I was training with my friend Jonathan Holby, he ran a fighting company called JH Fights, and he’s been a friend of mine for many years. We took some plastic swords to Beckon Park, and we just got used to – I’ve done sword work in the past, but I was used to the kind of moves I saw in season one, but at that point one wouldn’t know I was playing Lambert. I was just that ninja guy brandishing a sword in the garden. And then obviously as I got more involved with the show, it was the cast and fight team to make sure you get their style and safety aspects of things.

So yeah, obviously I wanted to look like a monster hunter too – witches go through these experiences, called herbal experiments, and they require a lot of physical effort on objects, so I wanted to look as if I could scale the side of the building. I told my personal trainer that’s what I wanted to look light, she helped me every step of the way – Leanne Marshall Fitness, made sure I was eating right, lifting enough weights to look like I could handle any monster that would come my way.

Paul Bullion
Credit: SNHFOTO Photography
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How was it like filming a show like the magician during the pandemic?

Paul Bullion: You described it as, like, the role of my dreams in a nightmare scenario. I’ve always wanted to be part of a big franchise like this and then a global pandemic spreads. But Netflix – they did absolutely everything to make sure that we were safe, and that this production could go on. They didn’t rush anything, we didn’t rush out too early, we made sure everything was covered, and then we resumed filming. I felt very safe with that.

Obviously, it was a strange experience, as with any kind of job in the world, when you recognize people by their faces but only their eyes and foreheads really, because they wear masks all the time. Yes, I think I was so grateful to know that most of the industry is still struggling to make a comeback. So I was so grateful to be back at work sooner than a lot of my colleagues, and because of that—and knowing what some of my friends are going through—I was just conscious of how lucky I was.

I think it was impressive the magician I managed to continue production.

Paul Bullion: Well, we’ve had the best part of seven months working things out, and they’ve got a test system and everything in place. shows Netflix intent; They want to deliver, they want to provide the best content, they want to give fans what they want, and I think Netflix satisfies that.

I’ll conclude this with one last question here. Can you rattle our readers with what’s coming up for you as an actor?

Paul Bullion: Well, I’m involved in something else, but I’m not allowed to talk about it now! So if you keep your eyes peeled, it’s something I think a lot of people have heard of, something that’s going on.

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the magician Season 2 premieres December 17th on Netflix.


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