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Rust’s assistant director receives subpoena after missing investigative interviews – CVBJ

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On October 21, the film industry witnessed a painful tragedy for the film director Helena Hutchins She was murdered for what is to this day classified as an act of negligence. It’s unfortunate that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened on film sets, which is why many actors, producers, and directors have expressed concerns for the safety of workers.

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In the case of the tape Rust There are still many questions, and although it is not yet clear what happened at the same time that there are many people involved, since the accident actor Alec Baldwin has been the one who has taken all the burden in front of the media, because he was. who had the gun in his hands and who fired while he was rehearsing the next scene. In a recent televised interview, a representative of One Boss in Diapers – 52% – stated that he did not pull the trigger when the gun went off.

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Outside Baldwin, who was carrying the revolver, among the main accused of the guilt were the assistant director and gunsmith, both of whom were obligated to secure the guns, being the only two people who should have been in contact with him before he was handed over. for the representative. In the special case of David Holz, there is a great responsibility in declaring that the weapon is cold, that is, it should not be loaded.

How did the bullet get into that gun? In order to solve this problem, it is necessary, as a witness and not as an alleged accused, that Hals testify, but he avoided it, and this does nothing but keep an eye on him. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) summoned the assistant director for several interviews, but because he was not served, a subpoena has already been issued, Deadline reports.

In the following lines you can read the notice issued in this regard.

communicate with: Rust: Alec Baldwin says he didn’t pull the trigger

The offices understand that Mr. Halls was inside the church when these workplace deaths and second person injuries occurred. So the office needs to question Mr. Holes about what happened inside the church. Mr. Holes can also tell the office who has been in the church and who else we have to meet. The offices are also aware that Mr. Holz held on-site security meetings and played a role in on-site security.

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It is worth noting that the summons is not a sign of guilt, rather it is necessary to meet with the authorities to find out more about what happened and who was present. Previously, Hals’s attorney indicated that her client was willing to cooperate in any way necessary, although she preferred to remain silent while the investigation was ongoing, so it is strange that she did not attend the meeting with OSHA.

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The interview with the security department is likely to ask why you are handing over a weapon without reviewing it and how there might be a bullet in what could be used as a backup. This case may not be a planned crime, but it is just as important if we are dealing with a case of negligence.

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