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Stock Commentary: The “Inside the Boardroom” interviews are great, but does MB get paid to do it?

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Barracada Market

November 26, 2021 | 8:32 am

No, I do not charge any amount (money or otherwise) for “Inside the Board” (ITB) special episodes. Interviews are conducted completely free of charge, with no expectation of compensation.

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The first ITB with Grant Cheng of Cebu Landmasters [CLI 2.93 2.45%] (Here) It was an organic and automatic email exchange that I posted to allow readers to take advantage of the new concepts I learned from them.

The idea of ​​uploading a CLI never crossed my mind, I was so happy to be able to learn something new and pass it on to my readers.

ITBs that came next, with Paul Juat from Brown Company [BRN 0.83 1.19%] (here) and Pami Olivares Vital from Ovieland [OLI] (Here), though not at all organic, nonetheless adheres to that original spirit of free and open exchange.

BRN and OLI can confirm that I’m clear about ITB episodes being free from the start. There are only two things I ask: (1) I must speak directly with the executive (without intermediaries), and (2) the executives must be willing to talk openly and clearly about things of interest. I specifically caution against marketing talking points.

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To encourage open conversation, I give the executive the ability to object to anything in the final interview transcript, but the underlying discussion is already taking place. It’s not like everyone [HOME 9.70 5.43%] A press release with quotes from Manny Villar reads like the things no human being in the history of the planet has ever said. What you see in the ITB episode is what was said, with slight tweaks for clarity and flow.

MB down the line

Interviews “inside the board of directors” are free. The trade off, as I see it, is that MB readers get interesting, candid interviews with CEOs to learn things they might not normally see covered in regular news stories, and in return, companies get exposure.

While MB has taken sponsorship money in the past (and will probably do so again at some point), I have been very clear with all potential advertisers that my editorial discretion, opinion, and analysis are not for sale.

Sometimes a newsletter might be “brought to you by” a company, but the money paid for that credit has no effect on my content at all. In the past, when there was an advertisement in the middle of a newsletter, I would always make sure to clearly identify the section as an advertisement.

Pure MB content. I think this is one of the main strengths of the content that MB offers. Thank you for your question!

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