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Study abroad? Hong Kong University of Science and Technology opens doors to Filipinos

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Editor’s Note: This press release is sponsored by HKUST and handled by BrandRap, the sales and marketing arm of Rappler. No member of the editorial and news team participated in the publication of this article.

One of the issues related to COVID-19 that has affected young Filipinos is the prolonged suspension of face-to-face classes. With the Philippines among the last countries in the world to reopen schools, students at all levels have not been able to get the most out of their programs.

There is now an option closer to our shores to get students back on track. A number of Hong Kong higher education institutions have resumed full face-to-face classes or adopted effective blended teaching in the current academic year, with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) being one of the first to offer such an arrangement.

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Neil C., a graduate of Xavier School in San Juan who is now studying the Global Business Program (GBUS) and finance at HKUST, said he experienced little disruption in his studies even in the early months of the pandemic.

“HKUST was the first mover to the online space. Despite the pandemic at the start of 2020, we seamlessly entered full-time, interactive online classes in February, consulting with professors and using branch rooms to facilitate small group discussions,” Neal said. He is now in his third year of study.

“Many enrichment events such as status competitions and training programs have remained uninterrupted during the pandemic – not to mention that we are now back in physical education. I have learned more from my fellow payers and other professionals in banking, finance and other industries at HKUST.”

Training bonus. Neil trained with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship team at Vitasoy International, a leading F&B collaboration in Hong Kong.

“In particular, my internship experience in Branding, Corporate Finance and Corporate Sustainability at Vitasoy has helped sharpen my business acumen and analytical skills,” he added.

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As a business student, Neil came to study in Hong Kong due to the city’s leading position as a global financial centre, and has chosen HKUST among other local options for its global rankings and international standing and reputation for its graduates.

“The GBUS program is highly coveted in Hong Kong – its graduates work in top banking and finance companies such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC and JP Morgan, as well as diverse industries including consulting, retail, marketing and communications,” Neil continued.

For eight consecutive years starting in 2013, HKUST graduates have been consistently ranked among the 10y and 26y Among the world’s most employable universities by World University Employment Rankings, commissioned by Times Higher Education.

Young and cosmopolitan university

Having recently celebrated its thirtieth anniversaryy Anniversary, HKUST has risen to international prominence in a relatively short period of time. Prosecution 34y In the QS World University Rankings 2022 and 2second abbreviation In the QS Top 50 Under 50 2021, the university is gaining global recognition and attracting a high percentage of international undergraduate students for its teaching and research reputation.

Offering its students valuable opportunities for internships, study exchange and research collaboration, HKUST has close relationships with more than 310 regional and global partners including MIT, Oxford University, Tsinghua University, Facebook, Tencent and many more.

While HKUST provides an education that is on par or even better than many of its Western counterparts, its tuition fees are no more than half that of universities with similar ratings.

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Furthermore, HKUST will, for the first time ever, award 20 full and half scholarships to high caliber candidates from selected Asian countries including the Philippines for the 2022-2023 academic year. Talent is valued beyond good academic standing, the university also offers a range of scholarships, support, and funding for students with great ideas and non-academic achievement.

Interdisciplinary learning to meet future societal needs

Clyde Ang, an outstanding student from Manila who came to study on scholarship at HKUST four years ago, recently graduated with first class honors and the HKUST Academic Achievement Medal with a double major in Data Science, Technology and Computer Science. He said one of the reasons he was drawn to Hong Kong was its world-class interdisciplinary education.

“I believe that the multi-talented man will become a common requirement in the future. This is one of the reasons why I chose Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, because it is a pioneer in interdisciplinary learning.” Taking mathematics and computer science courses on a joint degree between the College of Science and the College of Science has helped me Engineering, for example, in getting a job in sports finance and technology.”

Clyde is now a quantitative trader at a global proprietary trading firm by showcasing back from his internship.

Robotics team. Clyde (third from the left) and his peers won prizes at the MATE International ROV 2019 competition for their underwater remote-operated vehicle.

HKUST offers many unique programs and initiatives in promoting interdisciplinary education. For example, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers entry-level students an early taste in research under the supervision of senior faculty. On the other hand, the “Major + X” framework allows students to flexibly combine a major in science or engineering with an expanded major in an emerging field such as artificial intelligence, financial technology, or digital media and the arts. In addition, the IIM program offers students the freedom to design their own curriculum with courses from different departments and even different universities.

The foundation of excellence and innovation

More than 140 faculty members, or a quarter of HKUST’s faculty, were ranked by Stanford University as the top 2% of scientists in the world in 2021. Developed by Professor Young-King Lun, a De La Salle alumnus and faculty member HKUST’s acclaimed award-winning antimicrobial coating – one of the first to offer protection against the coronavirus for a long time. The technology kept athletes safe from the virus at the Tokyo Olympics and is now being adopted in various parts of the world including Southeast Asia.

Filipino professor Lawrence Delena, also the 2019 and 2020 Balik World Laureate, has been researching fair, resilient and sustainable energy transitions in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines.

With a strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, HKUST sees approximately 70 to 80 startups incubated by its students, faculty and alumni each year. In a recent list of unicorn startups published by the Hong Kong X Foundation and CGTN this year, seven of the 18 unicorn companies were founded or co-founded by HKUST members.

Opening of a new chapter
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When the new HKUST campus opens in Nansha, Guangzhou in September 2022, the resources and opportunities for the HKUST community will grow even more. With its unique approach, the campus will not only set an example and complement the traditional disciplines offered on the Hong Kong campus, but its proximity to a planned high-tech park will also facilitate HKUST members in prototyping their own ideas.

The search has been performed. During her tenure at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Joy (right) has participated in several regional and international conferences that have benefited from her research career.

Joy Cruz is one of the pioneer students accepted into the HKUST (GZ) pilot programme. Now a third-year Ph.D. student in public policy, she said the breadth and depth of the faculty’s research experience helps develop the independent, interdisciplinary and innovative thinking that is essential to a successful research career.

“The program allows you to design a curriculum that fits your research interests – science, sustainability, social change – all disciplines touch on important areas of public policy. It gives you the opportunity to play to your strengths and rise to the occasion,” Joy said.

Having participated in national surveys on social issues such as aging and social inequalities in the Philippines, Joy is keen to adopt some of the new research tools she learned in Hong Kong into new survey projects to better understand demographic and social developments in other parts of the country. Asia.

To learn more about study opportunities and experiences at HKUST, register for the information session on January 11, 2022 and get a chance to chat with their professors and students. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If you missed the session, learn more about HKUST programs and admission information in this video:

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