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Sunday show preview: Omicron surges, and Harris sits for extensive interview

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Coverage of the Sunday show this weekend is expected to focus largely on the COVID-19 pandemic and Vice President Harris’ first term in the Biden White House.

The coronavirus continues to dominate the headlines as the omicron, the most contagious type to date, spreads through cities and states with astonishing intensity.

Anthony FauciAnthony Fauci says it’s ‘premature’ for the US to discuss its fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine More than 3,000 flights have been canceled worldwide as airlines cite COVID-19 staffing issues easing CDC Including isolation rules for health workers amid the Omicron wave moreAnd President BidenJoe Biden Harris tests negative for COVID-19 after close contact with aide Stand with caller Joe Mansion Holiday to Biden: ‘Happy birthday and let’s go to Brandon’ MoreKFH’s chief medical advisor recently warned of the “unprecedented” pace of the virus.

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In an interview with ABCThe speed with which cases were increasing across the country was, in his view, “extremely extraordinary,” the infectious disease expert said on Good Morning America this week.

Fauci has been the Biden administration’s source of medical information on each new variant of COVID-19 and in many ways the public face of the response, often appearing on television news programs to address critical developments facing the nearly two-year pandemic.

On Sunday, he will be a guest on ABC’s “This Week.”

The latest statistics on omicron have been a source of concern among public health officials and political leaders alike, including within the Oval Office.

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Biden’s ladder Speech On Tuesday’s new pressure, it will present a set of expected measures to curb the severity of the spread. He said he plans to significantly increase the number of tests available for home use and establish additional on-site testing sites for early detection. He also pledged to give medical facilities more resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Infection, which provides regular updates and analysis for the virus, has released a file new report This week reports that experts have “already identified the potential for a rapid increase in infection” with omicron across the country.

Additionally, the report says that these increases are “likely due to a combination of two factors: increased transmissibility and the variant’s ability to evade immunity conferred by infection or vaccination in the past.”

As the White House focuses — and much of the news coverage — on Omicron, Democrats’ attention is also turning to Harris, who made a comment about the virus that puzzled some.

Last week, the vice president said, “We didn’t see the omicron coming,” a comment that had to be cleaned up after her interview with Los Angeles Times.

“This is the nature of this horrific virus, which, as it turns out, has mutations and variants,” Harris told the outlet.

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Harris will appear in a taped interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation” as the show’s only guest.

When Biden asked Harris to run for vice president in August 2020, many Democrats were hoping to get through an election season that often put two former senators at odds. Her choice received a hilarious response from many in the party who believed she could help Biden close the general election and govern from a new perspective on leadership.

However, in the administration’s early days, Harris came under close, and sometimes intense, scrutiny as Biden’s second-in-command, causing her brand damage and much coverage of her early tenure as vice president.

Beyond her apparent omicron gaffe, Harris has made observations about immigrants who are widely seen as tone-deaf and insensitive to individuals caught up in the immigration system that she and Biden have promised to reform.

then CNN report About the strife in her office, it prompted several Democrats and journalists to dig deeper into the state of affairs in her inner circle.

The story, which included examples of infighting, led to follow-up articles about the discontent of some of her top employees, with several of her team describing it as quitting.

All this scrutiny comes as the White House looks to positioning Harris as a capable leader to stand by the president after a tumultuous year in office.

Some critics have argued that she is under more scrutiny than any other vice president in the nation’s history because she is the first woman and woman of color to hold this position, leaving her little breathing room to act.

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There is also the question of whether Biden is planning a second term attempt. Management officials say it is, and Harris recently told The Wall Street Journal She and Biden never talked about the possibility of her running in his place.

But as the new year approaches, questions have arisen as to whether Harris – or any other Democrat entirely – will really be the next candidate in 2024.

Harris will likely be asked about all of that on Sunday. CBS News dedicates an hour of the program to questions and answers.

The full list of guests appears below:

ABC’s “This Week” – Fossey; Ashish Jha, Dean of the School of Public Health at Brown University

Meet the Press on NBC Representative Byron Donalds (R-Florida) Brenda Sheridan, School Board Chair in Loudoun County, Virginia; Nicole Hannah Jones, New York Times Magazine writer; Gilani Cobb of the Columbia School of Journalism

Face the Nation on CBS – Harris

“State of the Union” on CNN– General Surgeon Vivek MurthyOfficials warn Vivek Murthy that children’s mental health is getting worse amid the Helicon Valley pandemic – Biden misinformation warns: ‘Dangerous misinformation’ on social media, TV fuels hesitation about vaccines Morerepresentatives. Debbie DingellDeborah (Debbie) Ann Dingell Wetlands points out the extinction problems beyond climate change. (D-Mitch.), and Fred UptonFrederick (Fred) Stephen Upton – a West Virginia legislator – criticizes his fellow Republican for his support of the Infrastructure Act. (R-Me)

“Fox News Sunday” – Jha; Sense. Ben CardanBenjamin (Ben) Louis Cardin Democrats consider tough tactics to bypass parliamentarians on immigration Democrats face a painful reality with faltering priorities Democrats lack a back-up plan with an expanded child tax credit that will fade more (D-Md.) and Roy PlanetRoy Dean Blunt Members of Congress not running for re-election in 2022 confirm Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan. Democrats push Manchin on “nuclear option” for voting rights More (R-Mo.)

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