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Swiss Semester Abroad Program Attracts U.S. Students with Well-Paying Internships and Worldwide Experience

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Montreux, Switzerland; December 2, 2021 – Swiss Education Group (SEG), Switzerland’s largest private educator, expands its Semester Work and Study Abroad program to include more US college and university partners.

SEG offers the work-study program, known as Learn6/Work6, through two of its four top-ranked schools, César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and Hotel Institute Montreux, both of which offer paid undergraduate and internship opportunities to US college students.

Caesars Ritz Colleges Switzerland, named after the legendary Swiss hotel owner Caesar Ritz, is a leading business school with entrepreneurship and hospitality at its heart. Hotel Institute Montreux brings a hospitality approach to business education and provides students with the flexibility to tailor their degree through a choice of five majors.

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The Institut Montreux and Caesar Ritz Colleges in Switzerland both have campuses on the shores of Lake Geneva in what is known as the Swiss Riviera. Two other SEG schools are Swiss Hotel Management School and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, both of which are located nearby.

Under the innovative Learn6/Work6 program in two schools, US students spend six months in the classroom, with full credit transfers to their home university, followed by another six months in a subsidized internship where they can earn the equivalent of $2,500 per student. In US dollars, plus undergraduate credits.

At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Professor Emeritus Robert Wilson of the Isenberg School of Management says the Learn6/Work6 program is a unique opportunity for hospitality and tourism management students and students in traditional business programs.

“It is an exceptional opportunity to study and gain a truly international experience. Firstly, these two schools are among the top 10 globally for hospitality management studies, and secondly, the internship pays very well,” Wilson said. “From my experience, it is very difficult to find such opportunities to get paid international internships for students from US universities.”

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Building on the program’s success at UMass since 2012, Wilson has been consulting with other universities and colleges to help them deliver the program as well.

Currently, UMass is one of eight US universities partnering with either César Ritz Colleges Switzerland or Hotel Institute Montreux. Other universities include Washington State University, Pace University, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, University of South Carolina, East Carolina University, Cal Poly Pomona, and the University of Denver.

Kevin Pereira Leon, a hospitality management student at the University of Denver, is enrolled for one three-month semester this fall to become the university’s first student to take a semester at the Montreux Institute hotel.

“Studying in another country gives you an international experience, and I want to pass that on to my career,” Pereira Leon said. “You can’t get the same kind of exposure to culture in the US that I take in French that I would never have imagined doing. I have found it very useful while traveling around Europe.”

Tania Florenthal, Dean at Caesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland, describes the benefits of the program, “You can earn credits while immersing yourself in one of Switzerland’s most beautiful regions and interacting with a community of students from all over the world.”

Invariably, more than half of all American students studying abroad choose to do so in Europe, according to NAFSA: Association of International Teachers, with Switzerland being one of the most attractive countries, due to its central location, stunning landscapes, and world-class education opportunities.

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Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, according to the Institute of International Education (IIE), 50 percent of institutions expect an increase in study abroad numbers in the 2021/202 school year as well.

For more information on the Learn6/Work6 programs at Hotel Institute Montreux and César Ritz Colleges Switzerland, please contact Robert Wilson at [email protected].

About Swiss Education Group

With four schools located on six campuses educating more than 6000 students from 111 countries, Swiss Education Group is the largest private teacher in Switzerland. All of its schools offer diverse international experiences on a beautiful campus in the French-speaking and German-speaking regions of Switzerland; However, English is the language of instruction. Rooted in the traditions of Swiss hospitality, the Swiss Education Group has nearly 40 years of experience in hospitality management and culinary education and is committed to providing the professionals of tomorrow with much-needed leadership and entrepreneurship skills in the hospitality industry and beyond. Swiss Education Group schools offer a wide range of courses, including short certificates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, allowing students to choose programs that best suit their individual educational needs and interests. The four schools of the Swiss Education Group have been ranked among the top 10 schools in Hospitality and Leisure Management by the QS World University Rankings, one of the leading ranking systems for global higher education. For more information about study abroad programs available through the Swiss Education Group, please visit www.swisseducation.com.

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