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TCN Interviews The Wonton Don after Gourmet Istria Experience

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November 6, 2021 – Barstool Sports, a popular sports and pop culture media company based in the United States, does business with the Balkans. TCN caught up with Barstool Abroad host The Wonton Don to reveal what we can expect from Barstool Sports in Croatia.

It’s safe to say that if you’re between 20 and 40 years old and enjoy millennial media coverage of sports, pop culture, entertainment, a bit of debauchery and a lot of laughter, then you follow Barstool Sports. And with 10 million website visits per day and over 12 million followers on Instagram, you are definitely not alone.

It is almost impossible not to know about Barstool Sports coming from the United States, where the media company was founded in the early 2000s. As an avid follower, you can imagine I was eager to see how the new Barstool Abroad series would tackle the beauty of the Balkans.

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“I apologize for being an MIA recently. I filmed this series from September 14-30, and I’ve been editing my penis ever since. tonightNew episodes of “Barstool Abroad: The Balkans” will air every Wednesday at 7pm with some additional content sprinkled in between. As of now, we’re looking at 7 loops long, and at least 2 loops shorter, so put on your Adidas Slave suits and let’s get weird! The Wonton Don, aka Donnie Does, wrote about the all-new Barstool Overseas video series released on November 4.

The first episode sees The Wonton Don arrive in Rovinj from Venice, after which he tries homemade olive oil from a local lawyer turned farmer. Then Don embarks on “one of the most amazing dining experiences” he’s ever had – truffle hunting in Istria. You can watch the full episode below.

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TCN caught up with Don after the episode aired to get his thoughts on Croatia.

“The first city I visited was Rovinj, and I’m sure every Croatian knows that, it’s stunningly beautiful. I loved how you can swim right from the city walls where you can’t do that in many big cities. Coastal cities in the US due to pollution Unfortunately “.

What about Croatian hospitality?

“I can say in my two weeks in the Balkans; I haven’t had a single negative experience with the locals. Everyone was so welcoming and excited to share their culture with me. One of my favorite experiences was when a Croatian American took me to her boyfriend’s hometown in Slavonski Broad for a wine harvest party We harvested all the grapes on his family’s vineyard and then drank all the wine they made from last year’s harvest. This has been a family tradition for generations, and I’ve been honored to have experienced it.”

Favorite part of the truffle hunting experience?

“Before truffle hunting, I had only heard of people using dogs to hunt other animals. So it was great to find lunch with the dogs for the day without having to kill anything.”

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You mentioned it was one of the most amazing dining experiences you’ve had in your life – what’s your favorite truffle dish that day?

“Truffle eggs because I personally shaved the truffles we found on top of them. Getting shaved truffles on your plate at a restaurant in NYC would cost over $60, so it was a good idea to overcook the truffles without having to worry about the bill.”

Are there any teasers about what we can expect for the rest of this Balkan series?

“Some of the things you’ll see me do in this series:

– Investigation of floating “Splav” clubs in Belgrade

He played water polo with the Croatian Olympic team

Wine Harvest Festival

Jump from 80 feet. Mostar Bridge (highest thing I ever jumped from)

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– Attending the Belgrade Derby between Red Star Belgrade and Partizan Belgrade

Attending my first live handball match

– Beauty show of Dubrovnik, Split and Hvar

Harvesting mussels in the Bay of Kotor

– Interview with Dobiosa Collective

– and more…”

Don’t miss any of the Barstool in the Balkans and enjoy a new episode every Wednesday here.

To read more about sport in Croatia, follow TCN’s dedicated page.

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