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The quickest, most accessible way to prove English proficiency before studying abroad

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Aside from passports and visas, there is another crucial element when preparing to study abroad: the English language proficiency test. English is used all over the world, giving you access to countless functions, experiences, and possibilities. Popular study destinations such as Australia and the United Kingdom require proof of your English language proficiency for admission to colleges and universities and for visa application.

All it takes to get closer to your dreams of studying abroad is a degree that confirms your English language ability. Take the Academic Pearson Test of English (PTE), the most convenient and stress-free English language test recognized worldwide.

Innovative two-hour English language test, globally accepted

It is stress free! PTE Academic is transforming the English language test and is one of the world’s leading – and most innovative – tests of language skills. It was the world’s first fully computer-based English test and has now been improved to make the test shorter – just 2 hours! The same English language skills are assessed without compromising accuracy and validity. “I took an academic PTE to complete my registration in nursing in Australia,” says Harditt from India. “I can only focus on the two hours, just go and do it, and feel more mental freedom at the end of the test.”

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“I will use my PTE Academic results to apply for my Australian permanent residence visa. The two-hour test is simple, better and time-saving. Unnecessary parts have been removed, only the important parts remain, which is good,” Arava says.

You can send your score report to an unlimited number of institutions for free.

Check if your dream institution accepts PTE Academic

Get ready from anywhere at the speed you want

Of course, even a little preparation goes a long way. Achieve the degree you need with support from a variety of official PTE resources. You can start with a free one-hour guided introductory course to help you familiarize yourself with the exam.

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Source: Pearson PTE Academic

For more expert guidance and test advice, check out PTE Academic’s online courses and textbooks. Explore our six-hour Speaking and Pronunciation course through PTE Academic’s partnership with Macquarie University or study in preparation for the paid E2 PTE Academic test. If you need additional practice or want to improve certain skills, the bank of questions and recorded practice tests will boost your confidence. You can even practice on the go with the Official Practice app. With materials delivered online, you can easily access lessons wherever and whenever it suits you.

It’s easy to take the test! PTE Academic tests real, practical English as you usually hear it spoken and used. With the Computer Speaking test, you only need to take one two-hour session to complete the three parts of the test, with questions ranging from multiple choice to essays that measure your ability to speak, write, read and listen. After taking the test, you will not only receive a score report, but a skills profile that provides personalized feedback to help you understand your results and tips on areas for improvement.

mastering English language

Source: Pearson PTE Academic

It’s fast! PTE Academic’s goal is to be the innovator in English language testing by constantly reviewing and improving testing practices. Frequent test dates mean you can book last minute tests at your nearest test centre, which are available in 117 countries. After taking the test, Imagine you don’t have to wait weeks for your results – with PTE Academic you’ll get your test results within 48 hours. Fast results can be obtained thanks to the scoring machine powered by artificial intelligence through complex algorithms, allowing for greater accuracy and fairness.

It is recognized! PTE Academic is accepted by the Australian and New Zealand governments for visa applications. In addition, if you are going to the UK, PTE Academic UKVI is a SELT (Secure English Language Test) test, approved by the Home Office, which can be used for UK visas, settlement or citizenship purposes. It is also accepted for admission to more than 3,000 institutions around the world, including the likes of Oxford University, Harvard University, and Yale University.

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The power and speed of technology combined with convenience, flexibility and global recognition – PTE Academic is designed to ensure everyone’s success. You can browse here to find the exam that best fits your goals, and check out the latest updates about the exam here.

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