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Time to downsize the American empire: An interview with Northwestern historian Daniel Immerwahr

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In the final installment of our spin-off series, “Snap Out of It, America!” On November 7, The New York Times published a provocative article titled “The Strange and Sad Death of American Political Fiction.”

Northwest Professor Daniel Emroar. (Courtesy of the author)

The article, written by Northwestern Professor Daniel Emroar, asserted that since 1945, “the United States has taken a position of armed domination of the planet.” In addition, Imroar said, unelected officials in the National Security Council, the CIA, and the Federal Reserve are beginning to exercise undue control over international affairs, foreign policy, and monetary policy. These parallel developments were not accidental, in Emroar’s opinion. “The federal government does not just run the United States; it seeks to run the world. And it is hard to do that while remaining open to local democracy.” The result, he said, was an “opaque government.” [that] Prefer insiders who know how to operate their cranes.”

This premise is the subject of Immerwahr’s 2019 book, “How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Great United States,” which The New York Times described as “a satirical, readable and often astonishing…a provocative and absorbing history.”

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