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Top Industry Insider interviews of 2021

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For the past 12 months, Online HR I have embarked on a journey far and wide across numerous industries just to bring you the latest industry insights.

In this special story, we bring you Industry Insider’s most-read interviews across Southeast Asia for 2021, complete with industry challenges and unique solutions. You can look forward to reading how leaders are dealing with a fierce talent war, why disruption represents growth, ways they groom talent internally to address a talent crisis, and more.

Check them out below!

1. How does Virtuos’ Global HR Manager deal with the fierce competition for talent in the gaming industrys

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despite of fierce competition in Game section, Virtuoso Ready to take it to the next level with its global portfolio of AAA games, strong client partnerships, and its position at the forefront of gaming technology engagements. Mini ApplesGlobal HR Director.

[Read the full story here]

2. Why does P&G Indonesia think that excessive communication may not be a bad thing for employees

Presented by Lester adhika pg

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Procter & Gamble IndonesiaThe global campaign called Lead With Love is helping nurture emotional intelligence for future leaders in the USA consumer goods Explores the sector in which emotional intelligence plays a pivotal role Adhika Widya Sena, Senior Director of Human Resources.

[Read the full story here]

3. There is a talent war brewing in Thailand’s insurance sector. And Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance is the leader in the front

lister Industry insider krungthai axa Insurance offered 1600x900

Low unemployment and increased competition from other industries for fresh graduates attract and retain millennials. Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance (KTAXA) Take these challenges he faces insurance sector head on, Bubphawadee Owarinth, Head of Personnel appears.

[Read the full story here]

4. CEO of HR at Gulf Energy Development on embracing turmoil as an opportunity for growth

Leicester July 2021 chutima sribumrungsart Gulf Energy Development

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A new electrostatic scene awaits Energy and utilities Segment – driven by new technologies, new business models, markets, players, partners and customers. Gulf Energy DevelopmentCHROAnd Chutima Sribumrungsart, You will work by changing your hiring approach by being proactive through early engagement with external talent and investing in a new learning ecosystem.

[Read the full story here]

5. Head of Human Resources at GSK on the importance of employee experience, utilizing the talents of Generation Z.

Lester Kundan Foot Inside 1600x900

the Medicines/Healthcare The industry has transcended the era when business was just about providing a service and making a profit. Kundan Kumar, Head of Human Resources in Malaysia and Brunei is looking for cultural contributors, appropriate qualification of the candidate for a relevant purpose, focus on their journey onward with the help of human resource transformation with a human touch to complete their life cycle in GSK.

[Read the full story here]

6. A shortage of specialized talent? “Imagine” how to prepare them internally through knowledge transfer, mentorship and more

Priya November 2021 Introduced Stephanie Seit's Imagine Inside the Talent Industry

It’s time to be creative. Stephanie Set Co-founder and Group CEO shares how INMAGINE It embraces technological innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, to shape a future where design is within everyone’s reach.

[Read the full story here]

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