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The management of the University of Ibadan (UI) has released the procedures for registration for New and Returning Students for 2020/2021 Academic Session on campus. All students are to take note of the following.

Important Notes:

  1. Registration process is completely online
  2. Contact your course level Adviser for inquiries on courses
  3. Login again to the portal after registration to confirm approval of registered
  4. You can only Register for Courses after Successful Payment of Fees
  5. Check your institutional email for instructions on how to proceed to
  6. Visit your departmental page on the University website http://www.ui.edu.ng for
    additional information
    For all Freshers to view their details
  • Click on New Students Login
  • Click on LOGIN
    For all Returning/Freshers to commence registration
  • Click on Existing Students Login
  • Enter Matric Number
  • Enter password
  • Click on LOGIN
    Payment Steps
    Step 1:
    You are required to LOGIN to your portal account FIRST
    Step 2:
    Once you are logged in, the portal opens with the default FEE PAYMENT page in view.
    Step 3:
    Click on PAY YOUR FEES at the top right corner of that page.
    Step 4:
    Select the fee type by checking the box against your preferred fee type and click on
    Add Selected Items to my Fees List and further click on proceed.
    Step 5:
    Once page refreshes, check the box against “Remita” and click on Post Now
    Step 6:
    Your fee statement appears. Please NOTE AND COPY out the Reference Number
    Step 7:
    Click on Proceed to gateway and wait for the page to refresh.

UI students’ registration process for 2020/2021 session

Step 8:
PLEASE NOTE: The page refreshes with the Remita Platform and all the payment
modes can be sighted

Step 9:
If you choose either of INTERNET BANKING or CARD PAYMENT in steps 1 And 2 above,
you can proceed by clicking on your respective bank and proceed with the payment.

Step 10:
If however you want to PAY AT THE BANK you are then required to NOTE AND WRITE
DOWN the REMITA RETRIEVAL REFERENCE (RRR) and take it to your bank of choice.

Step 11:
With that RRR number, the bank will pay the fees on your behalf and you return to
the portal to register/submit your courses.
Kindly note that you will not be able to proceed to Registration without paying the
Technology fees amongst others
Course Registration Steps

-CLICK on the My Registration at the top left of the Page or Course Registration towards
center right of the page.

-Default Course for the academic sessions are displayed on the page.

  • You can also Add more courses by clicking Add Course
  • Enter the Course Code and search
  • Select the check box when course appears
    -Click on add
    -when you finish selecting your courses
    -save and submit

NB. Students should contact their course advisers to know what courses to register for the
session if unsure
For Support/Inquiries:
Call: 08173104777;09012372103
Email: ugportal@stu.ui.edu.ng

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