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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Updated Notre Dame Scholarship Chart: Post-Signing Day

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The full set of pledges missing from each class is included in the active scholarship scheme below, as are new members of the 2022 recruitment category.

  • Including all incoming freshmen, as well as those eligible to return for a standard 5th year red jersey or additional season awarded by COVID, the program has *92 scholarship players currently in attendance.
  • 2017 freshmen/current graduate students Josh Lagg and Avery Davis are realistic candidates to return for Season 6 (2017 Red Shirts; 2020 COVID-19) and are therefore counted in the total* above.
  • Isaiah Pryor as a true Ohio State starter has delayed games (4) and with the 2020 COVID-19 season, technically the remaining eligibility season remains as well. Represents #93 available for 2022.

Graduates 2018 (15)

The class has currently lost 10 transfers as well as a medical hardship and an early entry into the NFL. More of both categories will follow soon. The number “15” is an unrealistic total even a month from now.

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Shane Simon announced his intention to graduate from the transfer via Twitter on December 18.

  • Jason Ademolola (1)
  • Justin Ademolola (1)
  • Kevin Austin (1)
  • Bo Power (1)
  • Tariq Brasy (1)
  • DJ Brown (1)
  • John Dirkson (1)
  • Cebu Flister (1)
  • Houston Griffith (1)
  • Braden Lindsey (1)
  • Garrett Patterson (1)
  • George Takas (1)
  • Michael Vinson (1) – Vinson was awarded a scholarship on December 16th
  • Joe Wilkins Jr. (1)
  • Paul Mwala (2): Mwala is eligible to receive a medical red jersey for 2020 and 2021.

Seniors Rising in 2019 (13)

The class initially had 22 members. Gone are the following nine competitors:

  • Goalkeeper John Olmsted (Lafayette)
  • Cornerback Isaiah Rutherford (Arizona)
  • Athlete Kendall Abdul Rahman (Western Kentucky)
  • Quarterback Brendon Clark (Old Dominion)
  • Forward line striker Hunter Spurs is medically retired
  • Safety Kyle Hamilton and RB Kyren Williams have chosen to give up their first seasons to enter the NFL Draft
  • Potter Jay Bramblett intends to graduate transfers as does safety Litchfield Agavon, although Bramblett has yet to make that announcement except for his participation in Graduation Day activities. (And the former coach stresses it’s not really common.)

Each player remaining has at least two seasons of eligibility due to the COVID-19 ruling.

  • Dinar Bertrand
  • Queen Carol
  • Zeke Corel
  • Howard Cross
  • Isaiah Fosky
  • Osita Econo
  • Cam Heart
  • Jack Kiser
  • Andrew Krestowicz
  • Jacob Lacey
  • Marist Liofau
  • Nana Osafou Mensah
  • KJ Wallace
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2020 Class – RISING JUNIORS (15)

The chapter originally had 18 members but wide receivers Jay Brunel (Yale) and Jordan Johnson (Central Florida) were moved while pledge early signing day Landin Bartelson’s scholarship was ultimately not awarded due to his off-season arrest in January 2020.

Each player technically has at least three seasons of eligibility remaining to enter the junior seasons.

  • touch baker
  • Kevin Bowman
  • Jordan Botelho
  • Michael Carmody
  • Alexander Ernsberger
  • Ramon Henderson
  • Aidan Kinaina
  • Clarence Lewis
  • Michael Mayer
  • Riley Mills
  • Caleb Offord
  • Alex Beach
  • Drew Ben
  • Chris Tyre
  • Xavier Watts

2021 Rising Achievers (26)

Once he became the 27th member of the class, defensive end Devin Aupiu was transferred to UCLA. A* indicates a player earned a monogram using the 2021 eligibility season.

  • * alternate atmosphere
  • * Tyler Buchner
  • * Dion Colzi
  • *Logan Diggs
  • *Mitchell Evans
  • Blake Fisher
  • * Audric estimation
  • * Kahanu Kiya
  • *Prince Cooley
  • * Lorenzo Styles Jr.
  • Ryan Barnes
  • Berong cane
  • Josh Bryan
  • Pat Cogan
  • Khari Ji
  • Caleb Johnson
  • jojo johnson
  • Jason Wan
  • Ron Paul III
  • Philip Riley
  • Gabriel Rubio
  • Will Schweizer
  • Rocco Spindler
  • Jayden Thomas
  • Take a chance
  • Justin Walters

2022 Class (21)

  • Steve Angeli (QB)
  • Jayden Bellamy (DB)
  • Joshua Burnham (LB)
  • Tae-chan (OL)
  • Aston Craig (OL)
  • Tyson Ford (DE)
  • Aiden Gubera (DE)
  • Donovan Hennech (DT)
  • Bryce McPherson (P)
  • Tobias Meriwether (WR)
  • Jaden Mickey (CB))
  • Benjamin Morrison (CB)
  • Wall Price (RB)
  • Eli Reardon (TE)
  • Billy Schrouth (OL)
  • Jaylen Snead (lbs)
  • Holden Stay (TE)
  • Joy Tanuna (OL)
  • Niuafe Tuihalamaka (LB)
  • Amel Wagner (OL)
  • Nolan Ziegler (LB)
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