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Urban Meyer denies Jacksonville Jaguars reports — ‘If there is a source, that source is unemployed’

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NASHVILLE – Jacksonville Jaguar trainer Urban Mayer wants to get rid of the trash.

By the word garbage, it means the person or persons who leak information outside the organization regarding what is happening inside the facility. The latest report — that he and receiver Marvin Jones were in a screaming match, and that he called his assistants the losers — came out on Saturday. Mayer denied Sunday and said anyone who leaks information risks losing their job.

“what is the answer [when things are going badly]? Do you start leaking information or some nonsense? “No,” Meyer said after Jaguar’s 20-0 loss at Tennessee on Sunday, the fourth defeat in franchise history and the first since a fifth week loss to Seattle in 2009. No, this is nonsense. This is rubbish. I have been very lucky. I didn’t really deal with that. I didn’t deal with, “Well, did you hear what he said?” when? No, let’s improve the attack and put the middle in a position to succeed. This is our focus.

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“What someone’s brother said, or someone said, would take up very little of my time. And if there was a source, that source was out of order. I mean, within seconds, if there was a source doing it.”

League sources confirmed to ESPN Saturday a report to the NFL Network that Jones must be persuaded to return to the team’s facility after his departure in response to Mayer’s published criticism of wide receivers. Sources also said that Mayer and Jones had a heated exchange during training after his return.

However, on Sunday Meyer denied there was a rift between him and Jones, and the NFL Network report denied that he called his assistant coaches “losers” and questioned their resumes during a staff meeting. Mayer said Jones came to him to ask what Mayer said about the receivers but the conversation was not heated.

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“Describing someone as a loser is inaccurate,” Meyer said. “I have high expectations for our coaches. I’m very demanding of our coaches and I expect guys to be responsible for their positions, and for the times when they aren’t, we deal with it. But I assure you there has been no reporting whatsoever…that is nonsense.

“[Regarding Jones] I think I said something like we have some injury issues and some lack of consistency. We talked about it, and it’s awesome. We moved. One thing about Marvin, and there are a lot of guys out there, especially these seasoned pros, there is a lot to be proud of. Some guys aren’t used to this, and he’s one of them. But it’s cool and we have a great relationship, and I started hearing that, and Marvin looked at me — walked in yesterday when I saw something on TV, like a heated argument, and said, ‘I guess we’re not allowed to talk anymore, are we? And he started laughing about it. So there is nothing.”

Mayer said he plans to address news reports with the team on Monday, but spoke with owner Shad Khan on Saturday night and for about 15 minutes after Sunday’s loss. Mayer won’t say what they talked about other than saying that Khan “has been fantastic since the day I was here and we’re going to do everything we can to win matches. That’s our mission.”

“Our focus is to finish the season strong and make any adjustments we have to make to get that thing.”

The Sunday abuse didn’t get even warm. The Jaguars only managed 184 yards—the third time this season they’ve failed to top 200 yards, a franchise record—and James Robinson was down from his career by 4 yards on six buggies. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw four high-profile interceptions (he hasn’t thrown more than two in a game during his college career at Clemson), although one of them came after the ball rebounded from the hand of receiver Lavesca Chenault.

As if the stats weren’t embarrassing enough, Shenault and receiver Laquon Treadwell collided because one of them took the wrong path late in the fourth quarter.

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The end result was Jaguar’s 15th consecutive loss, the ninth consecutive loss for the South Asian competitor, eighth in a row in Nashville and fifth in a row overall. It’s also only the second time in Mayer’s coaching career that one of his teams has been disqualified (Ohio State lost 31-0 to Clemson in the college football semifinals after the 2016 season).

“confirmed [Khan] I still believe in my heart that we will [turn the franchise around]Meyer said. It didn’t materialize exactly the way I expected, the match-winning experience. I knew this was some kind of build up. I also think we have a lot of players who are good enough to win matches. I still think so.

“That’s why sometimes I get so disappointed with our coaching staff or myself, because I think we can do better than we do. Really disappointed.”


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