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Who’s Hiring? Opportunity Abounds for UVA Students, Even as Recruiting Changes

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A year ago, the University of Virginia’s Career Center was finding and devising ways to connect students to a shrinking base of employers who have pulled back on hiring, reduced hiring visits, and avoided surviving an economy shocked by the pandemic. It didn’t work well for many college graduates looking for jobs or internships.

And this year? Things are completely different. The bosses are back in the game, hungry and working.

UVA Today met with David Lapinski, Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Education at UVA Career Center, to assess how this year’s hiring season is different from last year’s—but somewhat similar to—last year.

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s. The job market seems to favor employees and job seekers at the moment, with plenty of opportunities. Is this true for recent college graduates, or does it just depend on circumstances?

A: The market really favors job seekers and many students receive multiple offers. But it really depends on the student’s skill set. Students with technical skills in data analytics, machine learning, software development, and UX/UI [the experience and the graphical layout of digital products] There is a huge demand for health care. If students are willing to train in high-need fields, the job opportunities are endless.

Q: Can you give any anecdotes or trends you saw in this course that caught your attention?

A: Students are not involved in the recruitment process to the extent that we have seen in the past. Much of this is the impact of COVID on life as we know it. In the past, our top consulting, finance and technology employers have been overwhelmed with applications from students, while this year many students are putting off applying for graduate jobs, and we’ve heard anecdotally that some students are looking for a gap – year experiences or opportunities that allow With more freedom. Employers are worried because they have a lot of jobs to fill.

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Q: Are there any particularly hot sectors this year?

A: It’s really the same areas that are most needed as they have been in the past: data, software, and healthcare. We have seen an increase in biotechnology/bioscience hiring, with some biotech giants looking to fill large numbers of employees.

In general, there are abundant opportunities in all fields for graduates of almost all types of degrees from UVA University. Employers are eager to hire and students who can communicate clearly and collaborate with others and who are comfortable in frequently changing environments is always required.

Q: What is unusual about this recruitment and hiring season, especially compared to the previous season?

A: Recruitment is usually in-person and on the ground, with students engaging directly with employers. More companies (if not most) have chosen to move all recruiting to virtual environments.

Q: What is Not abnormal? In other words, what are the things that stay the same for prospective employees about to graduate that are global year after year?

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a. Prepare for students is the same. They still need to update their resume, accuracy, and order. They still need to be prepared to make a good and professional impression. The interview process is completely different because the students have to adapt to it virtually. Part of our mission at the UVA Careers Center is to help students navigate new fundamentals and challenges.

The art of telling your personal story is very important. Whether through an interview or through your online profile, both are essential. Employers rely a lot on online student profiles, using handshake platformIt is a good opportunity for the student to present a comprehensive picture of his or her skills, achievements, interests, and personal qualities. We also emphasize that students should be aware of what they expect of themselves through their activity on sites such as LinkedIn or through other social media activities. Employers are more accustomed to this than ever before.

s. Do recent UVA graduates see greater flexibility in work arrangements, particularly relating to things like remote work opportunities?

A: Some industries are resilient, such as consulting and technology, but others, such as biotechnology, healthcare and finance, are not. It depends on the role and dealing with clients and customers.

s. Is virtual hiring now the accepted primary method that many or most employers use to gain access to pools of college candidates?

A: It is common but not necessarily acceptable. Recruiters realize that virtual recruitment has expanded access to more students. Instead of hiring only 10 basic schools, an employer can just as easily hire 300 people and open doors to see applicants from more schools and more diverse backgrounds.

The downside is that the relationship is transactional, and the lack of personal touch affects the relationship with the recruiter.

Q: What challenges and opportunities does this present for our students?

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NS. UVA students are fortunate to attend one of the top schools on the lists of companies like McKinsey, for example, but now students are everywhere in the pool versus students from many other schools. This has largely scattered job opportunities and UVA students may not have the exclusive interview day on the ground as they did before the pandemic affected the process.

s. Eighteen months or so ago, the UVA وظائف Job Center was Assistance in arranging virtual exercises and offering other ways to help students show potential employers that they are continuing to stay connected and develop their skills and experience even during the pandemic. How did that develop and what is the same or different now?

A. This form has become the norm. We are still creating these virtual opportunities, and we are creating more virtual project-based opportunities for students to showcase their skills. Employers are becoming more receptive to this new virtual way of engaging and seeing students at work.

Q: Any final advice for students working in the Careers Department now and in the coming months?

A. Companies are anxiously trying to hire. do not be shy. Attend events. It may be hypothetical and it may not feel the same as before, but these companies want to hire and have a lot of jobs and internships.

Networking is still important. Although the pandemic has temporarily reduced the number of graduates returning to Earth, it is more or less important to strengthen relationships with graduates so that you can learn about their career paths and seek advice for navigating the job search process.

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